Nov 2, 2009

Glyn Davies to Judge 2010 Left Coast Eisteddfod Visual Image Competition

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"A Sense of Place" - A Photographic Competition

We are immensely proud and pleased to announce that for the second year running internationally renowned photographer Glyn Davies will be judging the Left Coast Eisteddfod Visual Image Competition. For more information about Glyn follow this LINK. For a selection of breathtaking images which Glyn recently uploaded to Americymru check out the slideshow below.

In defining the theme for this years competition our judge , Glyn Davies made the following comments regarding content and submissions:- "What is it about our environment, whether landscape or people, that makes it so particular to us, the artists? We could all photograph a tree on a hillside, a wave crashing over a rock or even a pretty person in the street, but what identifies them with YOUR locality ? As the judge, based in Wales, I am interested in seeing photographs which give me a better idea about the characteristics and atmosphere of the artists homeland. This does NOT mean that images have to be ordinary, they can be moody, dramatic and immaculately composed but I want them to show me that we are all living in amazing and DIFFERENT places. I want the artists to celebrate what is special about their own location and culture. This way, not only do we get to see amazing images, but we can all learn more about each other in the process." . Please take the time to read the rules carefully before entering . Any queries shoud be directed to There is a first prize of $150 for both categories the Visual Image Competition. The categories are outlined below:-

  • A Photographic Image - either from film or digital cameras which generally represents the subject without adding or subtracting elements. Please feel free to add text explaining why you thinks the image is important - "I do not believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, images can be too easily misinterpreted." - Glyn Davies.

  • A Photographic Illustration - this is any image which has been substantially adjusted and manipulated by whatever means, digital or analogue, and which is generally non representational of a real person/place/event. The manipulation MUST be relevant to a theme or idea, manipulation for manipulation's sake will not be given serious consideration. The idea should be put in writing to accompany the image.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our contestants the very best of luck in the Visual Image Competition. Winners will be announced at the Left Coast Eisteddfod in October 2010.

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