Jan 3, 2013

Announcing ETO - A New Platform For Welsh Writers


Wales is justly proud of its literary heritage from the savage poetry of the Gododdin to the genius of Dylan’s craft or sullen art. The very roots of our culture have been nourished and sustained down the centuries through the transcendent potency of the written word.

Poor we may have been in terms of material wealth but our communities were invariably warm and welcoming. Welsh communal life was frequently hard but always vibrant abounding with choral and dramatic societies rich in native talent that helped enrich the lives of many.

In today’s technological world where some communities have fallen into almost terminal decline the written word retains its ancient power and potency to inspire and motivate. It is still the primary means by which individuals and nations give expression to their identity and voice to their dreams.

That is why we are proud and excited to announce the launch of a Welsh based magazine designed specifically to provide a platform for established, new and aspiring Welsh writers. ETO will be launched on March 1st.

ETO will become a voice for writers with Welsh roots and a place where emerging Welsh talent is given the opportunity to reveal itself to the world alongside respected authors with established reputations.

ETO aims to become an aspirational community of writers whose mission is to inspire future generations of authors with a voice distinct to their time who will leave their own unique legacy of time and place. Our focus therefore is mainly on short stories but we will also consider poetry and hope to include the work of one photographer per issue.

ETO seeks to embrace writers who are Welsh, based in Wales, have Welsh roots or simply harbour a love of Wales and all things Welsh. Those of you who would like to be considered for publication please forward your submissions to the following email addresses as attachments.



As writers ourselves we are tremendously excited at the prospect of working, through ETO, with new and established authors who have a love and a particular perspective of Wales. Allow me to leave you with mine.

Gaabriel Becket, Ceri Shaw and Phil Rowlands

Father’s Song

They closed my old pit yesterday,

I heard my father say.

No future in it any more, too high a price to pay.

They’ve found gas in the North Sea we’re not needed anymore,

A way of life is changing boy we’ve all been shown the door.

He stood there on the picket line his features drawn and thin

And when the ‘blacklegs’ turned up he refused to let them in.

Your day is dead and over the politicians cry

And sent police to beat him down but still he would not die.

It was dust that took him in the end, the working miner’s curse.

It clogged his lungs and stole his breath and laid him in the earth.

And as we sang the hymns he loved and gathered round to pray

I knew there was still one thing they could never take away.

I felt it all around me, I saw it in men’s eyes,

I heard it in their voices, in every heartfelt sigh.

The spirit of a people, fierce proud and strong

And from somewhere deep within I knew theirs would be my song.

Phil Rowlands

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