Jul 30, 2006

Welsh Castles.. Ruins and Fragments

One of the finest things that Wales has to offer is a magnificent collection of medieval fortifications.
When I was a boy I thought these places were magical relics of a bygone era, steeped in myth and legend. When I was a rebellious teen ( a phase that lasted well into my twenties ) I thought they were bastions of feudal repression designed to hold a cowering and servile peasant population forever in awe of their noble masters. Now that I am almost an adult I prefer to think of them as priceless tourist assets.

The web is awash with pictures of these romantic ruins and my purpose in publishing this post is not to add to them. I merely wish to present a few fragments of a romantic ruin of my own. When I first came to America I dreamed of creating a mighty website which would be a focal point for all Americans concerned with their Welsh heritage. A repository of Welsh history, folklore, culture and legend. The task proved beyond me, or perhaps I just grew tired of it. Either way it never came within a million miles of fruition.

At least the attempt was made. As you will see from the few fragments linked below, my web design skills were extremely rudimentary at the time. It is also evident that my idea of what constituted worthwhile and interesting content was somewhat naive. I believe I blogged some time ago on the subject of Google Page Creator and appealed for ideas as to what use it might be put to. Well now I have found at least one. Google Page Creator will enable me to preserve my very own romantic ruin.

Link 1 A page on hill-walking in Wales. Very badly written.

Link 2 An absurd page entitled "Wales For Dummies". A primitive and rather schoolboyish attempt at humour.

Link 3 A page on Welsh castles. Mostly pictures of myself and my ex-wife with castles in the background. The links to further information about these monuments are all broken. The site I linked to has since shut down. The title of this post contains a link to a useful site for those wishing to explore further.

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