Mar 20, 2009

Doctor, Doctor, I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Welsh comic author Dilwyn Phillips has just published a collection of humorous medical anecdotes. Hospital Jokes, published by Y Lolfa, covers all aspects of hospital humour from “doctor, doctor” jokes to a whole chapter on viagra. Dilwyn Phillips, author of many similar books believes that humour is an antidote to many conditions and that reading this book may be a drug free way of alleviating stress, boosting your immune system, and may even help towards managing certain physical conditions whilst exercising various muscles.

Dilwyn Phillips, who hails from Pontarddulais in South Wales , but now lives in Los Montesinos Spain , said “I’ve spent days on end on hospital beds and it’s always great to have something easy to read. I’m convinced that this book taken 3 times a day with the medicines and treatments will put you into a good mood and help get you out of that hospital bed in no time.”

Dilwyn is married to a retired nurse and credits many of the anecdotes, stories and observations included in this book to her. Hospital Jokes, an ideal “get better soon” gift, is available on Y Lolfa’s website for only £3.95. ($6.00 approx )

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