Mar 31, 2012

Day One - My Half Marathon Blog

Follow the whole nine yards here (a 95 part series) :- Half Marathon Blog
Why I am running:- West Coast Eisteddfod  Bryn Seion Church
For details of how to sponsor see this post

The Background
As a new years resolution I undertook to quit smoking, give up my Friday night sixpack and run a half marathon at some point during the year. New Years Resolutions
Last week Gaabriel announced the date of my coming ordeal. Ceri's Going to Run A Marathon! OK she exaggerated a little, I'm only doing 13 miles.

The Blog
So how does this blog fit into the scheme of things I hear you ask? Well...I decided that the physical challenge wasn't enough so for the next 95 days I am going to blog every single day on the subject of running. That means i will have to think of 95 things to say about running between now and July 4th. Of course I'll throw in details here and there about our plans for this years West Coast Eisteddfod and there will be some talk of our local 128 year old Welsh church, Bryn Seion. I'm running to raise money for both.
But now as an extra incentive to sponsor you get the additional amusement of watching me struggle to find something new to say on the same topic every day for 3 months.
SO...don't forget to tune in for tomorrow's thrilling instalment:- 'Day Two: Pheidippides - A Lousy PR Man!'
And now for the obvious video .... sorry couldn't resist

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