Mar 27, 2008

An Open Letter To The Press In Alabama

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RE: The Plaque Story Which The Rest Of The Worlds Press Is Covering But Not You

Dear Sir

As a resident of Portland , Oregon it concerns me to discover that I know more about the local news in your area than you do. Allow me to fill you in. The Alabama Welsh are campaigning for the restoration of the historical plaque dedicated to Prince Madoc in Mobile Bay. Unfortunately the Alabama Welsh have not raped, murdered or killed anyone but might I suggest the following headline if you feel that the story lacks dramatic impact:-

"Alabama State Parks Department Rapes History! Murders Myth and Defiles Legend!!"
( I left some room for additional exclamation marks should they be needed )

Now I am not suggesting that a major international incident will occur as a result of this campaign. It is unlikely that we will see Welsh gunboats ( or even coracles ) anchored in Mobile Bay any time soon. I do feel, however, that you should contact the Alabama Welsh Association and ask them for the inside story. The BBC thought it worthwhile and so did Radio Wales.

Best Regards

Ceri Shaw

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