Mar 13, 2008

Rugby Spoiler

Here at Americymru we have burned the Wicker Man and interpreted the ashes. We confidently predict a Welsh victory over the French on Saturday. If you do not want to know the scoreline please look away now ( 27 - 9 ) . We would put money on this but gambling on sporting events is illegal here in Oregon outside Indian Reservations.

This will mean that Wales will win the Grand Slam ( again ). The last time they did so was in 2005. Anyone wishing to watch the match here in the US could do no better than to visit this Setanta page and find a pub in their area where the match is being shown. Remember to dress appropriately for the occasion. Examples of appropriate dress can be found on this page. As you can see from this article the game is taken very seriously in Wales.

You can also beam the game directly into your home for around $15 on the Setanta Channel at

Local venues in Portland include the following:-

Bar/Venue Kells (Portland)
Address 112 South West 2nd Ave.
City Portland, OR 97204
Phone 503-227-4057
Distance 4.39 miles (approx.) [map]

( Live with $20 dollar cover charge. Match starts at 10 a.m Pacific Time )

You could also check out The Thirsty Lion ( match being shown at 5 p.m. ) and the Horses Brass on Belmont.

If anyone back home, and I know we have one or two members and readers in the Cardiff area, wants to email us a few pics of the glorious event they will earn our eternal gratitude and will be awarded the Iron Cross of Glyndwr ( or whatever). Pretty please??!!

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