Mar 12, 2008

Welcome To Our Latest Feature

Why add a blog to a static website? For all the usual reasons I suppose, amongst which I count the following:-

1. When we launched Americymru about a year ago the intention was to provide a place online for - " Americans of Welsh descent to celebrate their heritage and deepen their knowledge of the rich fund of Welsh History , Folklore and Legend." We started the Oregon Welsh Heritage Society at about the same time and for the same purpose. Since that day the quality and quantity of content on the site has grown steadily as has the number of daily visitors. Membership of the OWHS has also seen a modest increase but we are conscious of the fact that we have not sought to involve anyone in the building of the site nor have we really provided the means to do so. It is hoped that this blog will go some way towards remedying this deficiency. We will actively encourage contributions relevant to the subject matter of the site.

2. Blogs also come with all kinds of built-in advantages. They are easier to promote and cosequently its easier to attract visitors. Naturally we want to encourage as many Americans as possible to be aware of and take a pride in their Welsh heritage. We want to explore the nature of that heritage and the nature of "Welshness' itself and share the experience with as many people as possible. If this technology can assist us then so much the better.

So thats it! Our blog manifesto. The next step I suppose is to try and make this an interesting and entertaining place to while away the hours in front of your monitor. Or at least we intend to try.

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