Jun 15, 2011

AmeriCymru 2.0 - All New, All Singing, All Dancing Activity Feed!!

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A message to all members and readers of Americymru

We interrupt our normal service to bring you a special announcement....in place of thenormal weekly broadcast on our sister social site  http://americymru.net  we are notifying members about our new Activity Feed on the home page of the site. Here are some of the new features:-

1. Status Updates on home page now working properly.
2. Inline commenting and 'Liking' on status updates.
3. Media ( photos and videos ) viewable and playable inline on the fornt page.
4. Blog posts can be expanded and viewed ( and commented on ) on the home page.

All in all this is a huge upgrade and we hope you'll take the time to check it out.


We have implemented a 'Loyalty Rewards' program for site members. Check out the details here ( this program has been introduced on this blog as well, see the 'Rewards' tab on the right hand side of the page ):-

If you are not currently a member of the site please consider joining. If you decide to do so...Croeso:)

What is AmeriCymru?

The AmeriCymru network was created for a number of reasons:-

Firstly we seek to provide a social network for the Welsh, persons of Welsh descent and Cymruphiles all over the world . It is intended that the network should be a place where members can share their experiences of Wales and engage in friendly debate in our forums. The network has many features which allow people with a shared love of Wales to communicate and share photos, videos, links, blogposts etc and we will be adding new features from time to time. We also extend a warm welcome to our  cousins from other Celtic nations.

Secondly we seek to promote Wales in the USA as well as the Welsh-American community and other communities of the Welsh 'diaspora' in Wales. It should be stressed that we have no political agenda in so doing but merely a desire to help familiarize our members and readers with the best of traditional and modern Welsh literature, music and culture. For this reason we encourage the use of the site as a 'shop-window' in most instances.

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