Jun 12, 2011

'Salt Blue' by Gillian Morgan - A Short Review

gillian morgan
Gillian Morgan

salt blue by gillian morgan, front cover detail
Salt Blue
In 'Salt Blue' Gillian Morgan has written a fine debut novel which focuses, in its earlier chapters, on life in a quiet Gower village in the 1950's and later, on the transformative power of life-changing decisions.

Stella works as an Account Manager with a small timber merchant and occupies her spare time giving knitting lessons and doing voluntary work to help raise funds for the Gosford County Hospital. She is also involved in a rather desultory affair with Connor, a local farmer. When her employer decides to sell the business and presents her with a check for $750 in gratitude for her past services, Stella decides that it is time for a change.The depiction of 50's life is masterful and replete with period detail throughout. As a portrait of small village society the book also excels. The air of comforting familiarity and spiritual suffocation is powerfully evoked and when Stella announces:-

The words "I am leaving" resonate in the air. It's my voice. I've spoken them and I know I mean them.

-: we do not doubt the seriousness of her intent.

Published by Honno ( originally Honno Welsh Womens Press ) this book will hopefully be the first of many from the pen of Gillian Morgan.

More about Gillian Morgan 

Gillian Morgan lives in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Salt Blue is her first novel. She trained as a teacher after ten years looking after her daughters, and in retirement gained an MA in creative writing.  Read More

More about Honno 

Honno is an independent co-operative press run by women and committed to bringing you the best in Welsh women's writing.

It was established in 1986 by a determined group of volunteers who wanted to increase the opportunities for Welsh women in publishing and bring Welsh women's literature to a wider public. They asked the people of Wales to show their support for the new enterprise by becoming shareholders in the cooperative and in the first six months more than 400 people bought shares. Honno continues to be supported by hundreds of individual shareholders who believe in its work.  Read More

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