Dec 11, 2008

Remember, Remember, Llywelyn Day on 11 December

To mark the anniversary of the death of Llywelyn Ein Llyw Olaf, the last leader of an independent Wales, Y Lolfa will be publishing A Stone for Remembrance – a fantastic collection of short stories based on the most well-known and loved Welsh legends.

Commissioning editor Rhys Parry explains: “This book coincides with the commemoration of Llywelyn II on 11 December and gives interesting interpretations of some of the stories and heroes of Welsh history, hopefully entertaining and encouraging readers to learn more about Wales’ past.”

Editor Barrie Llewelyn says, “This book brings together 16 of the best loved traditional Welsh stories, which are retold in new and interesting ways by writers who live and work in Wales.”

Readers will discover the exploits of Llywelyn and Gelert, Merlin, Dic Penderyn, Caradog and Owain Glyndŵr in tales of battle, intrigue, romance, mystique and magic.

A Stone for Remembrance is the perfect introduction to the colourful stories which form such a vital part of the heritage of Wales. It will appeal to the general reader as well as parents and teachers who wish to introduce these culturally important stories to the next generation in an easily digestible format.

The collection includes:

Llywelyn and Gelert by Rhys Parry

A Vision of Merlin by David Morgan Williams

The Battle of Ynys Môn by Andrew Peters

Rhiannon: Lady of the Horse People by Fiona Collins

A Stone for Remembrance by Sally Roberts Jones

Princess Gwenllian by Robert Soldat

The Boy Who Saw Dic Penderyn by Mike Jenkins

Christmas 1176 – The First Eisteddfod by Liz Whittaker

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