Sep 18, 2008

Vote for Val to be the Women's Institute Icon

Hello my name is Valerie. I live in Myddfai, a tiny village in The Brecon Beacons National Park, in rural Wales and I need your help!

Sky TV are looking for an 'Icon' for their new learning channel.

I am a member of the Women's Institute who are organising the competition. I entered this competition and now I am in the top ten!! There are only 2 finalists from Wales and if I won it would really help my village.

My company is, Grandma's Stories Ltd and I write fun educational books for children & adults who are learning Welsh. We will have a Welsh language site when resources allow. The Big Plus is that, with the £10,000 first prize, we could launch our new not for profit company 'Learn with Grandma' properly and set up a dedicated website.

Please vote for me and ask your friends to do so too!

This is vital. Myddfai is such a tiny community there is no way I could muster the sort of support someone from a large community could attract. Especially at such short notice.


Voting will be on the Daily Express website starting on Thursday 18 September until Sunday only. Click on the link to vote

So not much time to get those votes in! Please will you forward this to your friends too.

God Bless

Grandma's Stories

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