Apr 4, 2008

Welsh Tories Stand Up To Be Counted! Restore The Madoc Plaque!

Well OK so they were probably sitting down at the time but the important thing is that they signed up. Several Welsh Conservative AM's have added their support to the online petition and campaign to restore the Madoc Plaque in Mobile Bay and more importantly Nick Bourne ( Conservative AM leader ) has made it pretty clear that the party is officially behind this request. For this he is to be heartily thanked and congratulated by all those concerned to preserve the Welsh heritage internationally.

But this raises a few interesting questions. Why could the other parties in the Senedd not officially lend their weight to this campaign? Where is Plaid Cymru? Individual AM's from all of the major parties in Wales have signed but only the Tories have gone so far as to give official support.

Another closely related and equally interesting question is this. Why have the D.A.R. ( Daughters of The American Revolution ) not officially supported the restoration of their own plaque? Has America outsourced preservation of its heritage to the Welsh Parliament?

Sign The Petition HERE

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