Jun 6, 2008

Madoc Plaque to be RESTORED!

(The following blogpost is reprinted from the Americymru social network blog. It was written and contributed by Janice Gattis of the Alabama Welsh Association. Needless to say we wholeheartedly endorse and support the sentiments expressed in the article..Cymru am Byth! )

I am happy to announce the restoration of the Prince Madoc Plaque which was dedicated by the Virginia Cavalier Chapter of the D.A.R in Mobile, AL in 1953. It was originally placed on Mobile Bay near Ft. Morgan. Several years ago it was removed by a staff member of Ft. Morgan for reasons unknown and placed in storage at Ft. Morgan. (There have been so many different rumored reasons, that we do not know which one is true!) In March of this year the Alabama Welsh Association requested the Alabama Historical Commission restore the plaque whereas it could be viewed by the public, preferring Mobile Bay area. In April we began an online petition which quickly drew over 1000 signatures! Currently there are over 1,800 signatures. The first of May the A.H.C. turned the plaque over to the DAR chapter which donated the memorial in 1953. During May, we petitioned the Alabama Legislature for a Resolution which directed the A.H.C. & DAR to work together and get the plaque restored. The House passed it in a timely manner, but it stalled in the Senate due to a stale mate on the Alabama Education budget. During all this time I had been writing the DAR Chapter trying to find out what their plans would be for the plaque. It has recently been determined by them to clean the monument up as it has been in storage, and is unfit to be displayed. Once this has been accomplished the plaque will be proudly displayed in the garden at the DAR House in Mobile, Al., which is open to the public (http://www.richardsdarhouse.com/index.html).

So, it seems with a little effort, and time our hopes for the plaque are being realized! The effort for the plaque restoration was done by four Welsh societies in the U.S. (Oregon, Arizona, Chicago & Alabama) A HUGE JOB WELL DONE! It has been a pleasure working with each group during this issue, and we hope to continue working with each on other Welsh related projects.

Now let's raise our mugs for a toast to this success! Janice

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