Oct 28, 2008

The Latest From Cymuned - Supporter's Email

Its been a busy month for us, with the preparatory work coming to a close for the CyngorNi campaign, (calling for Councils in the Fro Gymraeg to adopt Welsh as their internal language), and its launch approaching. We haven't received any replies yet from the councils that have received letters from us, which is disappointing in one way. However the absence of negative answers is a bonus, and gives us plenty of ammunition!

On the subject of CyngorNi, thanks to Gina for asking an important question. Gina is a strong supporter of our aims, but comments, "I wish to know where all of this will leave us non welsh speakers who...were not brought up speaking welsh, who do not have contact with Welsh speakers and have not been able to learn the language."

Firstly I apologise for not explaining this sooner - It never crossed my mind that Welsh language supporters might be nervous of this policy. I wonder if this is the big weakness of pro Welsh language campaigns, that Welsh-speakers often communicate and listen poorly to non Welsh-speakers.

We are calling for the policy only in areas where Welsh is a thriving community language, and where not speaking Welsh is a choice: In these areas there are many opportunities to learn, and
practice opportunities are everywhere. Of course, learning any language is still not easy, so the campaign calls on councils to provide free Welsh lessons (and everything else that a learner needs), during work time, to bring each worker's Welsh to fluency. Most vacancies will still be open to non Welsh-speakers, who will then learn Welsh as part of their work duties.

For those of you (and I would hazard a guess that I am talking about a majority here) who would like to be able to speak Welsh, imagine becoming totally fluent in 3 years, in work time! By the way, Gwynedd, because they have already adopted this policy, has the highest proportion of fluent Welsh learners in Wales.

Gina also writes that "there must be room for us all in Wales, with jobs for both Welsh speakers and non Welsh speakers." Here she hits the nail on the head - this is exactly what we are campaigning for.

Reminder: There is a protest outside the National Trust AGM on Saturday 1st November. For those who'd like to travel on the bus from Wrexham, it is leaving the Plas Coch pub (on the B&Q / Sainsbury Roundabout, near the Owain Glyndwr University) at 8am. People will meet outside the AGM in Liverpool at 9.30. For more details, or to book your place in the bus, email us (by replying to
this email).

A good example of London Press attitudes towards Wales in this week's Sunday People (thanks to John for this). Dave Kidd, this time, says: "Wales isn't a proper country anyway, the so-called
"Welsh language" is clearly just a series of weird noises used as a practical joke against the English, and Ramsey might as well admit he'd rather wear the three lions." We wonder if he's a little peeved that the Football Assosciation of Wales is still refusing to join the 'British' Olympic football team.

On that subject, readers of this email appear to have nearly doubled the number of signatures on the official Assembly petition calling for a Welsh team to take part in the 2012 Olympics. For those who haven't yet signed, the petition closes on the 31st October, so go to https://www.assemblywales.org/gethome/e-petitions/eform-sign-petition.htm
straight away!


Here is a new development for the email. Each month, we aim to include an interview on an interesting subject, as a way to bring the viewpoints and ideas of our supporters (and others maybe, later on) to a wider audience. If you have ideas for a good interview, or if you would like to record one yourself, then get in touch so that we can organise it (or offer some interview / recording training if you have lots of friends with interesting ideas!). By the way, I must apologise for the quality of the October recording. I'm only just getting to grips with the technology myself!

Listen to the first voice clip, which talks about the importance of bringing up children with the welsh language, at :-


Two adverts to finish - It is now possible to join the new Dot Cym campaign, which aims to get the use of .cym for Welsh web pages. Go to http://www.dotcym.org/home/ for more information

If you are in Aberaeron, Aberystwyth or Machynlleth this week, pop into Ji-binc for their Half Term sale. More details to be had on http://www.ji-binc.com/
Until next time

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