Oct 15, 2008

Russell Sheppard - The Llanbradach Maestro

Russell Sheppard will need very little introduction to most of our readers. His exquisite musical contributions to our video section have enormously enriched this site. They can be heard here. Russell's YouTube channel can be found here.

The Music

The Man

Russell Sheppard is a multi-talented instrumentalist, composer, painter and photographer from Llanbradach in South Wales. Here is an excerpt from his Americymru profile page:-

"I have been playing the guitar for 28 years, I try to play every day but haven't always got the time, I also write music on my computer using Sonar 7 which is a studio software programme.

I also paint and have painted off and on since my 20's, I first started to paint in school but stopped when I joined the army, I have painted nearly everything I can think of such as people, landscapes, dogs, cars, boats and whatever people have wanted."

Russell has also provided musical accompaniment for one of Americymru member Tam Ryans videos. "A Warm Welcome" can be found here.

The Interview

1. When did you first start playing guitar?

"I have always been very interested in music and even as a kid I used to play my mothers piano, at 21 years old I stole my sisters guitar, she didn't play it anyway so I wiped the cobwebs off and bought myself a chord book and learnt some chords."

2. How easy is it to set up your own home studio using Sonar or similar software?

"To set up your own music studio is surprisingly easy if you already have a computer. The studio comes as a software for your computer, you need a good sound card which will give you all the effects you will use, I think the price altogether including the recording software would be around £800 to £1000 pound ($1,396 to $1,745) so for a recording studio thats quite cheap."

3. How do you compose for the guitar?

"I compose music for the guitar, do to this I sometimes write it down onto music sheets, but more often I will sit with the guitar on my lap and work out a tune that has been in my head for a while."

4. Have you studied music or were you self taught?

"I taught myself music from books, and picked up a lot from school as a kid, but I taught myself to play the guitar through listening to tunes and learning them by "ear"."

5. Do you play any other instruments?

"I play other instrument such as the piano, clarinet and a bit of violin, but I'm much more comfortable with the guitar."

6. On your Americymru profile page you mention that you used to paint. Do you still? Can you tell us more about your painting?

"I started to paint in school and developed it further when I left the army, I have painted a lot of portraits and have paintings all over the world."

7. Where can people hear your music?

"People can hear my playing the guitar and hear my music by visiting this site:


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