Nov 30, 2008

The Latest From Cymuned - Supporters Email

( This is not an official press release but rather the personal observations of a Cymuned supporter )

**Two very important results for our work in law courts during November. You may remember that I told you about Gwyneth Green, from Caernarfon, in a previous email. She was sacked by Siemens after they refused to allow her to speak in Welsh in a disciplinary hearing. Her case was heard in Abergele, and it was found that the company had discriminated against her according to race equality law (which includes language). This is an important result for the Welsh speaking Fro, and congratulations go to her solicitor, Tudor William of Wrexham, for his work on this case.

In another case, the small claims court found against our ex-treasurer, Edward Wynne Jones, who was claiming that he loaned £500 to Cymuned some time ago. The judge agreed that there was no evidence that the money given to us was a loan, especially as Edward Wynne Jones, who was our treasurer at that time, had not noted any loan in the annual accounts. It will be good to be able to concentrate on protecting and promoting the communities of the Fro without having to worry any more about our ex-treasurer's financial accusations.

**Thanks to those who wrote to the Guardian about their forthcoming article "Let's move to...Caernarfon". The article printed on Saturday 29th November, discussed the area's Welshness and the problems of holiday homes. Read the article HERE

**The protest outside the National Trust's AGM was a success for impact and publicity. More importantly, the members who voted showed a majority in favour of the motion to scrap the NT's housing development at Rhostyllen. Despite over 14 000 votes supporting our motion, though, it was overturned by the chairman's proxy vote.

Watch the AGM HERE The debate starts at about 1 hour 41 minutes. Keep an eye on the Chairman, Sir William Proby, as his own arguments are used against the development...

**Congratulation to Wales on beating Denmark and Australia! It was great to see Aaron Ramsey singing the anthem at the start of the Football game. This has become so rare that one of our members has written to the Football Association of Wales asking them to improve the situation. We'll see what reaction comes, but Alun Ffred Jones (Minister for Heritage and Sport) answered straight away to a copy of the letter, voicing his support, and hinting that he might speak with officers of the Association to find a way forward.

**We have had a message from the dotCym campaign:

"dotCym has arrived at an exceedingly important point in its development, and the time has come for everyone who wants to win .cym for Wales to show their support by becoming a member at The more people who join dotCYm, the more chance we have of winning support from ICANN (who decide who can have which domain names), and practical financial backing from the Assembly. Become a member now for just £2 a month - your support will help us to win an on-line Welsh identity. Come on - join now!"

**And finally, for those who signed the official Assembly on-line petition calling for a Welsh team in the 2012 Olympics, the petition committee have discussed it, and have decided to contact the International Olympic Committee in order to clarify the situation regarding National Teams for non-independent nations. Although campaigning for a Welsh Olympic team is nowhere near to being Cymuned policy, I have decided to follow the process for two reasons. Firstly, that so many of you signed the petition, and secondly in order to show a democratic process which will be useful to us as a movement, and also to you as Welsh voters. I hope that you will bear with me, even if you have no interest!

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