Nov 10, 2008

One of Britain’s brightest football managers, Roberto Martinez tells his story


My story so far

“When I have a day off, I must admit, I take the whole day off, away from the game. Roberto, on the other hand, is still living and breathing football on his free day.” Jordi Cruyff

Roberto Martinez is one of the sharpest minds and most inspiring personalities in Welsh and British football today.

At only 33 years of age Roberto Martinez decided to bring a premature end to his playing career after being offered his dream manager’s job at Swansea City. After only fifteen months in the job he won the club the first division title and for himself the LMA Manager of the year award.

Since then Roberto has won the praise of countless managers, pundits and players, but none more so than from Swansea City supporters. At Swansea the fans recognise what he did as a player and captain, helping saving the club from relegation from the football league, before earning them respect in the Championship as one of the most exciting teams in the second tier of British football.

Originally from Balageur in Catalonia, Roberto Martinez played for his home town in the Spanish third division before moving to play Real Zaragoza in La Liga. In 1995 he was spotted by Dave Whelan, the millionaire owner of Wigan’s famous ‘Three Amigos’, alongside Jesus Seba and Isidro Diaz. He then played for Motherwell, Walsall, Swansea and Chester before deciding to follow his father’s footsteps into management when offered the job at Swansea City in 2007.

In Kicking Every Ball Roberto Martinez looks back over his life on the move and the ups and downs of his playing career. From his early days in Catalonia to his current role as one of the brightest managers in British football today. The book, published by Welsh publishers Y Lolfa, also includes a forward by the internationally renowned football player Jordi Cruyff.


Roberto Martinez

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