Feb 17, 2009

Baku or Bust

Would you be interested in helping to raise funds for one of the biggest Welsh Charity projects in 2009 ? Or could you help by forwarding this post to all your friends and family.On May 23rd 2009, over 30 Welsh Football Supporters will set off from Cardiff in old bangers to aim to reach Baku to watch Azerbaijan play Wales in a World Cup qualifier on 6th June. The cars will have a value of £400 maximum, some will make it, some probably won't.

We will be raising funds for Gôl, the Welsh Football Supporters Charity, established in 2002, which has helped over 30 orphanages over the last 6 years as well as children's hospitals and charities in Wales such as LATCH and Ty Hafan. Some photos of the places we have been before can be seen on our website.


All the money donated for BakuorBust will be spent on good causes at over 20 orphanages which will be visited, some of which we have visited before, some totally new in. We will be backed by the Football Association of Wales and the Welsh players, who had a photo shoot with one of our cars back in November.

Gareth Bale and Lewin Nyatanga with myself in one of our cars going to Baku.

If your society would like to fundraise as a project and decide to focus on one of our orphanages to help we can take photos for you and acknowledge your contribution on our website. Alternatively anyone will be welcomed to make an individual donation online at our justgiving site. Donations of any size will be much appreciated.


Help make your countries football team proud in 2009 and give Wales a caring name around the world.

Kind Regards

Neil Dymock

Gôl Trustee and BakuorBust Project Manager

Gôl is a registered charity with HMRC, with the number XT14176.

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