Feb 12, 2009

The Americymru Blog Goes Social With The Google Friends Connect Toolbar

Many of our members and readers will have noticed that content on Americymru is spread over two sites. We have sought to integrate them as seemlessly as possible but nevertheless we use both the Blogger and Ning platforms.

Until now interaction has only been possible on the Ning portion of the site but today we have added the Google Friends Connect Toolbar to the Americymru Blog. To join simply sign in with your Google or Yahoo password and you will be able to add comments to the comment wall which is a dropdown from the bar at the top of the page. It takes a little getting used to but we feel that it adds a whole new dimension to the site for our members. Google will, no doubt, be adding new features to the toolbar and hopefully it will become an even more useful tool for communication and interaction in the future.

For now it sports a comment wall which allows you to add comments and embed YouTube videos. It also allows integration with a few "external" services such as Twitter. If you decide to check it out heres a screenshot of the top left corner of the screen where you go to sign in:-

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