Dec 13, 2008

Americymru Blog Nominated for December Blognet Trophy Contest!!

We proudly reproduce an email from the BlogNet Awards Team below:-

"It is with pleasure that we inform you that your blog has been nominated for the December BlogNet Trophy Contest. Before a site is accepted to our site, we do a manual review to make sure that it meets our standards for content and quality. Congratulations, your blog has passed and is now viewing on our site.

Should you win the monthly award your blog will hold a prominent position for the following month on our front page and on all the sites who display our widget, and you will be included in the year end competition for our Annual award.

This is a Free contest that is fun and will give your site more exposure and traffic! The best way to create a buzz for your nomination is to let all your readers and viewers know about this contest, from friends, family and all your contacts in the various communities and forums that you are with. To encourage people to vote and comment to your nomination, we have created a Comment Contest. People need to REGISTER to have their votes and comments counted and the benefit to them as an added bonus is that they can create a backlink to their own primary business, not to mention the cash prizes that they can win. Nominations close on the 15th of the given month, but the voting and commenting goes to the last day of the month.

Again, congratulations and best of luck!"

Dear members, readers and friends. We need your help more than ever before with this one. We think voting the "Americymru" blog as number one in its category in this competition is an excellent way to promote Wales and also your own sites and blogs at the same time ( see above quoted email, paragraph 3 ) Please dont be shy...get along to BlogNet Awards now...register, vote for us and comment, comment, comment! You'll be doing us and yourselves a favour.. You know it makes sense! Have Fun.


Ceri Shaw


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