Dec 21, 2008

New Left Coast ( Online ) Eisteddfod Poetry Competition!

Today we are pleased to announce the details of yet another competition category in the Left Coast ( Online ) Eisteddfod! Details of the Poetry Competition can be found below. All submissions should be made in/ or linked from a separate group discussion in the Left Coast Eisteddfod 2009 Poetry Competition Group ( see details below ) .


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In the next day or so we will be announcing details of our photographic competition. Others to follow. Keep checking back for further details.


You may submit your entry in either Welsh or English. The two language categories will be judged separately and there will be a prize for each. Accompanying graphics are not permitted. There is a US100 dollars (approximately 50GBP ) prize for the winners in both categories. The final submission date is July 31st 2009 and the winners will be announced at the Eisteddfod ( August 2009 ). The judges have yet to be selected and a further announcement will be made soon. The judges decisions will, of course, be final. The winners will also be entitled to free admission to some Eisteddfod events. Runners-up prizes will be announced later.

All poetic styles and conventions are welcome ( limericks, however, will not be considered for a prize ) There is no upper or lower word limit. Entries need not reference Wales in any way , shape or form. You may submit up to three entries and work which has appeared elsewhere is acceptable provided you have not surrendered your copyright.

The winner and his/her work will also be featured on this site on what we hope will be a heavily trafficked page.

How To Submit Your Poem


1. Simply join this Group and post your poem (and any links) as a separate discussion in the group forum ( see "Lorem Ipsum" example below). If you wish to include a link to your website or blog please do so but remember you must link back to us.

2. Post your poem your website or blog and post a link to the relevant url as a separate discussion in the group forum ( see "Lorem Ipsum" example below).. Once again you will need to link back to us.

Non Members

1. Post your submission on your blog and email us with the url ( ). We will include it on the Group page. We would appreciate a link to this page or to the blog home page.

2. Email your submission to us and we will post it on the group page and credit you as author. ( in this case mutual linking is an option but not required )

The Fine Print

1. There is no entry or submission fee for this competition. The requirement to backlink if you are posting on your own blog and linking here ( or submitting a link to your blog on this page ) is obligatory and designed to be mutually beneficial.

2. Any materials submitted in this group will remain the sole property of the author. We guarantee not to display any story or any portion thereof on other pages or sites without the express permission of the author. Likewise materials submitted here or linked here can be removed or unlinked at any time by the author or at his/her request.

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