Feb 1, 2009

The Latest From Cymuned - Supporters Email

( This is not an official press release but rather the personal observations of a Cymuned supporter )

It may be a little bit late to say it, but as this is the first email of 2009, a happy new year toyou!

** Cymuned's two main projects are motoring on - the first issue of 'Ein Gwlad' has been prepared and is just waiting for a final proof-read before production. I can promise an interesting and thought provoking magazine for our members

On CyngorNi, letters are being posted to the councillors in Ynys Mon, and the necessary aterials for the launch later this month have been received - watch this space closely!

**Talking of CyngorNi, I was in a Welsh Language Board conference, "Supporting Welsh Language Communities in Rural Wales - Economy, Housing and Planning" at the start of the week. It was very encouraging to hear support for the idea for Welsh-speaking workplaces in Welsh-speaking areas - the foundation stone of CyngorNi - coming out of the discussion groups, as well as changes to the planning system to protect the population of rural areas from the worst excesses of the housing market. Actually, during presentations on the subjects of planning, regeneration and population movement, it was easy at times to imagine that this was a Cymuned conference! But seriously, I will emphasise that this was open discussion rather than the formation of Language Board Policy, but there was enough evidence that the political landscape is changing, and that the Assembly is becoming even more friendly towards Cymuned's ideals. It will be interesting to see what policies do come from this conference.

**According to the Western Mail, Ceredigion council are considering setting up a fund which will provide loans for local small businesses, and maybe for first time home buyers. This is a very interesting idea for improving the ability of the local population to run their businesses and buy homes in their own communities, and Plaid Cymru's Adam Price has called for Wales's other councils to consider similar schemes. The full story is HERE.

**Lastly, some of you have obviously listened to our December appeal for more members, and have been talking to your friends about the email, because the numbers have increased much more than usual over the last month. Thank you very much, and welcome to our new readers! But remember, it was doubling the numbers that I talked about in December's email, so if you haven't told friends and acquaintances yet, do that without delay.

Until next time, then!


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