Mar 2, 2009

The Latest From Cymuned - Supporters Email

This is not an official press release but rather the personal observations of a Cymuned supporter

*CyngorNi - At last, after what felt ike an awful long preparation, CyngorNi (the campaign to secure Welsh speaking workplaces in Welsh speaking areas) was launched to the public in February. It was a quiet enough launch, with a stall outside the Anglesey council offices in Llangefni giving out leaflets and information to council employees. We are planning to hold some noisier activities soon to attract more press attention (the press were very interested in the campaign, but not so in a small stall giving out leaflets, funnily enough!), but it is important that we communicate with the people who will be most affected by the campaign, that is the workforce. Is as great to say that we had not one single negative comment, and found a genuine enthusiasm amongst the people that we spoke to.

*Caernarfon Prison - At the beginning of February, it was announced that Wales' new prison is to be built in Caernarfon. This plan has the potential to be a huge boost to the Welsh speaking town of Caernarfon. BUT, the Welsh will have to have an obvious place there to avoid the danger of Anglicising the town through importing jobs thoughtlessly, and forcing local people (the majority Welsh speaking) to work through the medium of English. It would be good to be able to tie in such a campaign with CyngorNi, but to do that we need a few more volunteers, to avoid interfering with our CygnorNi work. If you are interested in helping to secure the place of the Welsh language in Caernarfon (that's surely a sentence that should never have to be written!), then get in touch as soon as you can.

*Ein Gwlad - Ours Alone. To you monthly members, Ein Gwlad will be with you in the next few weeks. We had hoped to publish in February, but as often happens with a new project, some gremlins have appeared during the process. Don't worry - as the problems are ironed out, you will receive your magazine with articles on influencing your council, local currencies and the situation in the South Wales Valleys, amongst other subjects, as well as Cymuned news and interesting titbits. If you are not a monthly member, then get in touch to find out how to receive this essential magazine.

And lastly - sorry if I sound a bit greedy, but we want more! Thank you to all those who are spreading the word about our email. The numbers are increasing steadily. But if we are to win a future for our communities in the Fro and throughout Wales, then we need to reach as many people as possible - and only you can help us to achieve that!

Until next time


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Cofion cynnes/Warm regards,

Pwyllgor Gwaith Cymuned

(the Cymuned Executive Committee)

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