Apr 14, 2009

Left Coast Eisteddfod Now Extending to Second Day!

The Left Coast Eisteddfod in Portland Oregon is being extended to a second day. The event will now run from Fri 21st August to Sat 22nd August. A concert on Friday night will feature Here Be Dragons, Jesus Presley and other bands still to be announced.

We are also pleased to announce that Welsh author Chris Keil will be attending the event along with Niall Griffiths and Penny Simpson. Chris is the author of two novels:- "The French Thing" and "Liminal". See our interview with Chris here.

All three will be giving a series of readings both at the Eisteddfod and at the Central Library amongst other venues. Here is the Library Event page on Americymru:- Welsh Month at Portland Library. If you are an Americymru member and planning to attend please RSVP on the event page. The Library event is free and, of course, open to non-Americymru members.

Alcemi Write Up on The Left Coast Eisteddfod.

Read the Alcemi write-up on The Left Coast eisteddfod here. Alcemi is a leading Welsh publishing house and a key sponsor of the Left Coast eisteddfod.

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