Apr 21, 2009

PRESS RELEASE - DATGANIAD I’R WASG Unique Welsh Mass Launches Series of St. John Roberts Commemorative Events

Unique Welsh Mass launches series of St. John Roberts commemorative events.

St. Teilo’s Church welcomes a unique pilgrimage.

Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas looks forward to “an important event in Wales’ historical and religious calendar”

On Saturday, April 25th, St. Teilo’s Church, St. Fagans will play host to a very different Mass; for the first time ever, a Welsh language Mass will take place in this historic church. All seats have already been taken for the Mass, which is to be the first in a series of events scheduled to take place across Wales to celebrate the 400th anniversary of St. John Roberts of Trawsfynydd’s martyrdom.

The event organiser, Sue Roberts who is Vice-Chairman of Cylch Catholig (Catholic Circle) said: “The response has been incredible. We could have easily filled the church three times over and the fact that this is the first Welsh Catholic Mass to be held in this church for almost five hundred years, makes this a truly unique occasion.”

St. John Roberts is an important Welsh historic and religious figure and is even more celebrated in France and Spain, where many commemorative celebrations will be held in 2010. Born at Rhiw Goch farm, Trawsfynydd, he was educated at Cymer Abbey, near Dolgellau, he then went on to Oxford to study Law before moving to France where he converted to Catholicism. Following his time in France, he moved to Valladolid, Spain where he trained as a Priest, he then returned to London to care for the poor but was exiled many times by the anti-catholic authorities before eventually being sentenced to death in Tyburn on December 10th, 1610. He was canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1970. (See image attached of St. John Roberts).

One of the St. John Roberts anniversary celebration’s co-organisers, Keith O’Brien from the Llys Ednowain Heritage Centre in Trawsfynydd, a centre that documents the history of St. John Roberts and Hedd Wyn, said that the Mass “is a really great way to launch the commemorative celebrations in Wales, while ensuring that the celebrations will be as impressive in the Saint’s native country as on the continent.”

The celebrations will continue in 2010 with a Mass in the ruins of Cymer Abbey, Dolgellau on June 6th, 2010. Following this there will be a series of performances of the ‘St. John Roberts Requiem’ by Brian Hughes, with the part of the saint played by operatic tenor Rhys Meirion with the accompaniment of choirs and orchestra. The Requiem will be performed in six cathedrals across Wales. In July 2010 there will be a pilgrimage from Rhiw Goch to Tyburn, with the highlight being a multi-faith service at Westminster Cathedral attended by the Heads of all Churches.

This will be the first time ever for a Welsh Mass to be conducted in St. Teilo’s Church, that was moved from Pontarddulais and re-built at the Museum of Welsh Life in St. Fagans two years ago. The Archbishop of Cardiff; Peter Smith, the Bishop of Wrexham; Edwin Regan and the former Bishop of Menevia; Daniel Mullins, will be conducting the service along with a number of Welsh priests. Also giving readings in the Mass will be pupils from the Catholic Schools of South Wales. (See image attached of St. Teilo’s Church - please credit Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales.)

The colourful ceremony, will start at 2pm with a procession from the Workmen’s Institute to St. Teilo’s Church, led by the Archbishop, bishops and priests, all dressed in their ceremonial robes with the altar boys carrying the cross and incense.

Archbishop Peter Smith said of the event: “I am extremely glad that we are able to draw on old Welsh traditions and celebrate a Welsh Catholic Mass in this fantastic church for the first time since the Protestant Reformation. The fact that the Mass will be conducted in Welsh shows that the Church plays an active role in modern Welsh life. I would also like to extend an invitation to the public to come and watch the colourful procession that will take place prior to the Mass.”

Another exciting element of the celebration will be the use of the Dowlais Chalice, which dates from the same period as St John Roberts. In addition, a 100 year old replica of the Cymer Abbey Chalice and Paten, which is the abbey where St John Roberts received his early education, will be on display on the altar (kindly on loan from the National Museum of Wales).

St. Teilo’s Church will be full to the rafters with 150 guests attending. Bishop Edwin Regan of Wrexham said: “I’m very excited that people from all over Wales will be taking part in the Mass and it’s a pleasure to have contributions from Welsh learners from the Catholic Schools of South Wales. Our roots as Welsh Catholics lie in St Teilo’s and the children can be inspired by this for the future. It’s fantastic to see this church restored to its former glory and I can’t think of a better way to launch a year of celebrating Wales’ martyrs than with this Mass.”

Amongst the distinguished guests will be Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales, Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas: “I’m looking forward to the Mass as well as all the performances taking place over the next year that will draw attention to an important event in Wales’ historical and religious calendar”.

Press and Media Enquiries

For more information please contact: Lydia Jones at Mr Producer

Tel: 02920 916 667

Email: lydia@mrproducer.co.uk

Mass at St. Teilo’s Church, Museum of Welsh Life, St. Fagans: General Information

The Mass will take place in St. Teilo’s Church, Museum of Welsh Life, St. Fagans on Saturday 25th April 2009 at 14:0)Entry to the Museum of Welsh Life in St. Fagans is free. Car Parking £3. Museum of Welsh Life

St. Fagans
Phone: 02920 573500
Website: www.museumwales.ac.uk

The Archbishop Peter Smith, Bishop Edwin Regan, Bishop Daniel Mullins and Alan Jones, who is studying for the priesthood in Milton Keynes, will all be taking part in the Mass.

Special guests include: Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, the Ambassador for Lithuania; Anthony Parker, Welsh folk life expert; Dr Robin Gwyndaf, Dafydd Pritchard and Prof. David Thorne

2010 Events

‘St. John Roberts Requiem’ by Brian Hughes with Rhys Meirion will be performed across Wales to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the martyrdom of St John Roberts.The celebrations are organised by Sue Roberts (Vice-Chairman of “Cylch Catholig” (Catholic Circle) and Keith O’Brien (Director of Llys Ednowain Heritage Centre, Trawsfynydd)

Sue Roberts Delfryn
Yr Ala
LL53 5BL
Phone: 01758 614 977
E-mail: sue@inc-cyf.com

Keith O’Brien TrawsNewid

Llys Ednowain
LL41 4UB
Phone: 01766 540 528

Celebration Timetable 2010

· 6th June 2010 – Open-air Mass in the remains of Cymer Abbey, near Dolgellau (over 1000 people expected)

· St. John Roberts Requiem performances

· 11th June 2010 – St Giles, Wrexham

· 12th June 2010 – Bangor Cathedral

· 13th June 2010 – Aberystwyth University

· 18th June 2010 – Brecon Cathedral

· 19th June 2010 – Llandaf Cathedral, Cardiff

· 20th June 2010 – Swansea Cathedral

· 8 – 10 July or 15 – 18 July 2010 – Pilgrimage from Rhiw Goch to Tyburn

There will be a special book launch of ‘Achub Eglways Sant Teilo’ on Saturday 26th April. A new book on the history of St. Teilo’s Church, the medieval church in St. Fagans which has grasped the imagination of so many people over the years. Discount copies will be available in the Mass on the 25th April 2009.

The Archbishop of Canterbury officially opened St. Teilo’s Church in October 2007. The church was moved stone-by-stone from its home on the flood plain of the River Loughor near Pontarddulais and today stands proudly at St. Fagans.

The fully restored medieval church now looks as it would have done in about 1520 and contains all the elements associated with a late medieval Catholic church including a striking rood screen and a loft elaborately carved out of oak. The interior is decorated with copies of an extremely rare series of colourful wall paintings, which were discovered under layer upon layer of paint.

Offeren Gymraeg unigryw yn lansio cyfres o ddathliadau Sant John Roberts.

Eglwys Sant Teilo, Sain Ffagan yn croesawu pererindod unigryw.

Yr Arglwydd Dafydd Elis-Thomas yn edrych ymlaen at “ddigwyddiad pwysig yng nghalendr hanesyddol a chrefyddol Cymru”.

Ar ddydd Sadwrn, Ebrill 25 eleni, cynhelir Offeren dra gwahanol yn Eglwys Sant Teilo, Sain Ffagan; am y tro cyntaf erioed, bydd Offeren Gymraeg yn cael ei chynnal yn yr eglwys hanesyddol hon. Mae pob tocyn eisoes wedi mynd ar gyfer yr Offeren, sef y digwyddiad cyntaf mewn cyfres o ddigwyddiadau ar draws Cymru i ddathlu pedwar can mlwyddiant merthyrdod Sant John Roberts o Drawsfynydd.

Meddai Sue Roberts, Is-gadeirydd y Cylch Catholig, sy’n trefnu’r dathliadau: “Roedd yr ymateb i’r Offeren yn anhygoel. Gallwn yn hawdd fod wedi llenwi’r Eglwys deirgwaith drosodd. Ac mae’r ffaith mai yn Gymraeg fydd yr Offeren Gatholig gyntaf i’w chynnal yn yr Eglwys ers bron i bum can mlynedd yn rhoi blas arbennig ar yr achlysur.“

Mae Sant John Roberts yn gymeriad hanesyddol, yn ogystal â chrefyddol, pwysig iawn i Gymru gyfan ac mae’n enwocach fyth yn Ffrainc a Sbaen ble bydd nifer fawr o ddigwyddiadau i’w goffáu yn cael eu cynnal yn 2010. Yn enedigol o fferm Rhiw Goch, Trawsfynydd, cafodd ei addysg gynnar yn Abaty Cymer, ger Dolgellau, yna aeth ymlaen i Rydychen i astudio’r gyfraith cyn symud i fyw i Ffrainc ble cafodd ei droedigaeth a’i dderbyn i’r Eglwys Gatholig. Aeth ymlaen i Valladolid yn Sbaen ble cafodd ei hyfforddi’n offeiriad, yn dilyn hyn, dychwelodd i Lundain i weini ar y tlodion ond cafodd ei alltudio sawl gwaith gan yr awdurdodau gwrth-gatholig cyn cael ei ddedfrydu i farwolaeth yn Tyburn 10 Rhagfyr, 1610. Cafodd ei ganoneiddio yn 1970 gan Pab Pawl VI. (Gweler darlun o’r Sant wedi atodi).

Soniodd un o gyd-drefnwyr dathliadau coffa Sant John Roberts, Keith O’Brien o Ganolfan Treftadaeth Llys Ednowain, Trawsfynydd, sef canolfan sy’n olrhain hanes Sant John Roberts a Hedd Wyn fod yr Offeren “yn ffordd wirioneddol wych o lansio’r digwyddiadau i gofio am y sant yng Nghymru a sicrhau bod y dathliadau’r un mor wefreiddiol yn ei wlad enedigol ac y byddant ar y cyfandir.”

Bydd y dathliadau yn parhau yn 2010 gydag Offeren yn Abaty Cymer, Dolgellau ar Fehefin 6, 2010. Yn dilyn hyn, bydd cyfres o berfformiadau o ‘Requiem Sant John Roberts’ gan Brian Hughes; caiff rhan y Sant ei berfformio gan Rhys Meirion gyda chyfeiliant côrau a cherddorfa. Bydd y Requiem yn cael ei pherfformio mewn chwe eglwys gadeiriol ar draws Cymru. Fis Gorffennaf 2010 bydd pererindod o Riw Goch i Tyburn ac uchafbwynt fydd gwasanaeth cydenwadol yn Eglwys Gadeiriol Westminster gyda phenaethiaid yr Eglwysi’n bresennol.

Dyma’r tro cyntaf erioed i Offeren Gymraeg cael ei chynnal yn Eglwys Sant Teilo a gafodd ei symud o Bontarddulais a’i hailgodi yn Amgueddfa Werin Cymru, Sain Ffagan ddwy flynedd yn ôl. Archesgob Caerdydd; Peter Smith, Esgob Wrecsam; Edwin Regan a chyn-Esgob Mynwy; Daniel Mullins, fydd yn cyd-ddathlu ynghyd â nifer o offeiriaid Cymru gyda darlleniadau gan ddisgyblion ysgolion Catholig De Cymru. (Gweler llun atodedig – Eglwys Sant Teilo. Angen cydnabod - Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales).

Bydd y seremoni liwgar yn cychwyn am 2 o’r gloch gyda gorymdaith o Sefydliad y Gweithwyr i Eglwys Sant Teilo dan arweiniad yr Archesgob, yr Esgobion, Offeiriaid a’r gweision allor ifanc, i gyd yn eu gwisgoedd seremonïol. Bydd un o’r gweision yn cario’r groes ac un arall yn cario’r arogldarth.

Dywedodd yr Archesgob, Peter Smith “Rwyf wrth fy modd ein bod yn gallu tynnu ar hen draddodiadau Cymru a dathlu Offeren Gatholig Gymraeg yn yr eglwys hynod hon am y tro cyntaf ers y Diwygiad Protestannaidd. Mae’r ffaith fod yr Offeren yn cael ei chynnal yn y Gymraeg yn dangos fod yr Eglwys hefyd â rhan lawn ym mywyd Cymru heddiw. Hoffwn hefyd estyn gwahoddiad i’r cyhoedd ddod i wylio’r orymdaith liwgar cyn yr Offeren.”

Elfen gyffrous arall o’r dathliad fydd y defnydd o Gwpan Dowlais (Dowlais Chalice), sy’n dyddio o’r un cyfnod a Sant John Roberts. Hefyd bydd ‘replica’ amrhisiadwy o Gwpan a Phaten Abaty Cymer (Cymer Abbey Chalice and Paten), sef yr abaty ble cafodd Sant John Robert ei addysg gynnar. Bydd y gwpan, sydd dros 100 mlwydd oed ac ar log hael gan yr Amgueddfa Cymru, yn cael ei arddangos ar yr allor yn ystod y seremoni.

Bydd Eglwys Sant Teilo dan ei sang gyda 150 o westeion yn mynychu’r gwasanaeth. Dywed yr Esgob Edwin Regan o Wrecsam “Rwyf wrth fy modd fod pobl o bob rhan o Gymru yn yr Offeren ac mae’n bleser cael plant sy’n dysgu Cymraeg yn ysgolion Catholig y de-ddwyrain i gymryd rhan. Mae ein gwreiddiau fel Catholigion Cymraeg yn Eglwys Sant Teilo ac mae’r plant yn gallu tynnu maeth o hynny at y dyfodol. Rwy’n hynod falch fod yr eglwys hyfryd hon wedi’i hadfer. Mae dechrau ar flwyddyn o ddathlu merthyron Cymru gyda’r Offeren hon yn rhoi’r dechrau gorau posibl i’r holl ddathliadau yn 2010."

Ymysg y gwesteion anrhydeddus fydd Llywydd y Cynulliad Cenedlaethol, yr Arglwydd Dafydd Elis-Thomas. “Rwy’n edrych ymlaen yn fawr at yr Offeren yn ogystal â’r digwyddiadau eraill fydd yn cael eu cynnal dros y flwyddyn nesaf a fydd yn tynnu sylw at achlysur pwysig yng nghalendr hanesyddol a chrefyddol cymru.”

Ymholiadau’r wasg a’r cyfryngau

Am fwy o fanylion cysylltwch â Lydia Jones - Mr Producer

Ffon: 02920 916 667

Ebost: lydia@mrproducer.co.uk

Cyfweliadau ar gael ar gais cyn yr Offeren ac ar y dydd.

Croeso i newyddion radio a theledu ar y dydd, cysylltwch ar swyddfa i drefnu os gwelwch yn dda.

Manylion cyffredinol Offeren Eglwys Sant Teilo, Sain Ffagan

* Bydd yr Offeren yn cael ei dathlu yn Eglwys Sant Teilo, Amgueddfa Werin Cymru, Sain Ffagan, ddydd Sadwrn, Ebrill 25, 2009 am 14:00.

* Mae mynediad i Amgueddfa Werin Cymru, Sain Ffagan, yn rhad ac am ddim, parcio ceir £3.
Amgueddfa Werin Cymru,
Sain Ffagan,
Ffon: 02920 573500
Gwefan: www.amgueddfacymru.ac.uk

* Mae’r Archesgob Peter Smith, yr Esgob Edwin Regan, Esgob Daniel Mullins ac Alan Jones sydd yn astudio am yr offeiriadaeth yn Milton Keynes i gyd yn cymryd rhan yn yr Offeren.

* Gwesteion arbennig yn cynnwys: yr Arglwydd Dafydd Elis-Thomas, Llysgennad Lithuania; Anthony Parker, Dr Robin Gwyndaf sy’n awdurdod ar fywyd gwerin, y Prifardd Dafydd Pritchard, Prif Lenor Harri Pritchard Jones a’r Athro David Thorne.

* Digwyddiadau 2010

* Requiem Sant John Roberts gan Brian Hughes gyda Rhys Meirion, a fydd yn cael ei berfformio ar draws y wlad i ddathlu pedwar can mlwyddiant marwolaeth Sant John Roberts.

* Trefnir y dathliadau gan Sue Roberts, Is-gadeirydd y Cylch Catholig a Keith O’Brien, Cyfarwyddwr Canolfan Treftadaeth Llys Ednowain, Trawsfynydd.
Sue Roberts

Ffôn: 01758 614 977

Ebost: sue@inc-cyf.com

* Keith O’Brien
Ffon: 01766 540 528

Amserlen dathliadau 2010

· 6 Mehefin 2010 – Offeren awyr agored yn adfeilion Abaty Cymer, ger Dolgellau (disgwylir dros 1000 o bobl)

· Perfformiadau Requiem Sant John Roberts

· 11 Mehefin 2010 – St Giles, Wrecsam

· 12 Mehefin 2010 – Eglwys Gadeiriol Bangor

· 13 Mehefin 2010 – Prifysgol Aberystwyth

· 18 Mehefin 2010 – Eglwys Gadeiriol Aberhonddu

· 19 Mehefin 2010 – Eglwys Gadeiriol Llandaf

· 20 Mehefin 2010 – Eglwys Gadeiriol Abertawe

· Pererindod i Lundain – 8 – 11 Gorffennaf neu 15 -18 Gorffennaf 2010

* Ar ddydd Sul, 26 Ebrill, bydd lansiad llyfr arbennig 'Achub Eglwys Sant Teilo'. Dyma hanes yr eglwys ganoloesol yn Sain Ffagan sydd wedi gafael yn nychymyg gymaint o bobl dros y blynyddoedd. Bydd copiau ar ddisgownt ar gael ar y 25ain.

Agorodd Archesgob Caergaint Eglwys Sant Teilo yn swyddogol yn Hydref 2007. Symudwyd yr eglwys fesul carreg o’i chartref ar orlifdir afon Llwchwr ger Pontarddulais, a heddiw mae’n sefyll yn Sain Ffagan. Mae’r eglwys ganoloesol wedi ei hadfer yn llwyr erbyn hyn, ac mae’n edrych fel y byddai wedi bod tua 1520 gyda holl elfennau eglwys Gatholig o ddiwedd y cyfnod canoloesol, gan gynnwys croglofft drawiadol wedi ei cherfio o goed derw. Addurnwyd y tu fewn i’r eglwys gyda chopïau o gyfres brin iawn o furluniau lliwgar, a ddarganfuwyd dan haenau di-ri o baent.

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