Jun 29, 2009

The Americymru International Film Festival

Americymru is immensely proud and pleased to announce that it will be holding the first Americymru International Film Festival in Portland, Oregon between August 23rd and August 28th 2010. The festival will coincide with the Left Coast Eisteddfod which will be held on the weekend of Aug 27th-Aug 29th. The likely final list of film categories for submission is listed below.

"This is the festival that honours the individual voice. Its mission is to provide a worldwide public forum for films made by Welsh & Celtic filmmakers. We also welcome films inspired by or based in Wales ."

To enter a film or video click below


( For details of this years Eisteddfod CLICK HERE )

Best Welsh Language film

Best Wales based production

Best Celtic language Film

Best Original Screenplay Award

Best Film under 5 minutes

Best Film under 10 minutes

Best Film under 15 minutes

Best Film under 20 minutes

Best Film under 35 minutes

Best Film under 65 minutes

Best Film under 70 minutes

Best Film under 80 minutes

Best UK Short under 5 minutes

Best UK Short under 10 minutes

Best UK Short under 20 minutes

Best American Short Film

Best International Short Film

Best Student Film

Best Young Filmmaker

First Film – North America

First Film – International

Music Based Video / Film

Public Service / Community Award

Best Animation / CGI

Best Documentary

Best Film USA

Best Horror Film

Best American Feature Film

Best International Feature Film

Best Feature Film

Best in Festival


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