Jun 18, 2009

The Left Coast Eisteddfod Will Be Televised

The Left Coast Eisteddfod will be the centerpiece of a program in the PDXposed television series on Welsh culture in Portland. The half hour long show, which will air on the FOX network in November, will include live footage and interviews from the Eisteddfod itself and will highlight the activities of the Welsh community in the Rose City. There is a possibility that the program will be available to viewers outside the Portland area "on demand".

The producer and crew of PDXposed will be traveling to Wales in September to do a travel show on location to be aired here in Portland. Final locations and subjects aren't yet pinned down and this is still in the planning stage with some logistics and productions to be worked out. PDXposed has worked out this trip with the very able assistance of AmeriCymru member Paul Chibeba from VisitWales.

Some past episodes of PDXposed are available on youtube HERE

In addition to filming at the Eisteddfod, PDXposed presenter Jon Olson expressed an interest in filming a sports activity (rugby, of course!) and people in a restaurant or pub and we suggested meeting them at the Horse Brass on Belmont, if the owners are amenable. We need as many Welsh people and people of Welsh descent as are willing to show up. If you're in the Portland area, please tell us you're willing to drink for Wales at the Horse Brass during the week before the Eisteddfod. Volunteer in the comment box below. Uncle Dai needs YOU!

We strongly advise anyone planning to travel from outside Portland to attend the Eisteddfod to buy tickets well in advance as we predict that demand will be high in the coming months.

Visit the main Left Coast Eisteddfod page HERE

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