Aug 1, 2009

Welsh Month at Portland Central Library

Today marks the start of Welsh Month at Portland Central Library. We set up our display case in the foyer this morning and Posters and fliers are on display. We hope to display posters at all 18 Libraries in the Multnomah district and anyone who wants to help us with that is welcome to download and print a pdf of our library poster from the panel at the bottom of this page.

Events will include:-

Wednesday August 19th

Enjoy Welsh language poetry with John Good. John was born in South Wales, into a house where the Welsh language was spoken. Over the past twenty years, he has given bilingual presentations on Welsh culture, sharing poetry, music and literature. Wed Aug 19th 12-1 p.m.

An assortment of materials available at the Library on Welsh poetry can be be found HERE

Purchase or listen online to John's "The First Fifteen Hundred Years of Welsh Poetry" HERE

Thursday August 20th

As part of the program authors Niall Griffiths and Chris Keil will be presenting a reading/Q&A session at the library on Thursday August 20th between 12 and 2. ADMISSION FREE

For more info and to rsvp if you will be attending go to this page:- Welsh Month at the Library All three of our guests will also be appearing and giving presentations as part of the daytime program at the Left Coast Eisteddfod.

Meanwhile here are excerpts of interviews in which author Niall Griffiths, explains his passion for reading and writing:

Get Your Welsh Month Link or Poster Here

To view a larger image click on the thumbnail above or here. If you live in the Portland area please feel free to embed the code below on your blog or website. The image links to the Americymru Welsh Month at the Library webpage. If you would like to print a copy for display at your local library, download the .pdf here

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