Sep 5, 2009

Dark Covenant Reprinted for Third Time

Peter Luther’s debut novel, Dark Covenant, is having its third reprint this month. The novel was published in February 2007 and features a magazine with a mysterious crossword, which is completed as the story progresses and spells out a satanic code.

Peter, a Cardiff solicitor, was delighted at the news, saying, “It’s wonderful to have received such a positive response in a genre that’s so difficult to penetrate for a new author. I believe Dark Covenant has appealed to a wide range of readers, notwithstanding its ‘supernatural’ tag. This is perhaps because it explores the oldest of stories, that of gaining the world to lose your soul.” 

Peter writes completely original supernatural thrillers, which address real life themes. His second novel, The Mourning Vessels, was published in October 2008 to critical acclaim and is the first in a series featuring Tristyn Honeyman, a Welsh minister on the trail of a nefarious secret society. The next instalment in the series, Precious Cargo, will be published by Y Lolfa in February 2010.

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