Oct 16, 2009

'Tramor' - John Good is Back!

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John Good of Tramor
Many people were saddened when they heard the news that Oceans Apart had broken up recently. Well...the good news is that John Good is back with a new musical venture and a new website. 'Tramor' can be contacted via the website HERE , and I am sure that you will all join us in wishing John the very best with his new venture. Pob lwc John!

From the website:- "Tramor (Overseas) is the new traditional music project of John Good. John is well known through out the West, South, Midwest and in his native Wales as a multi-instrumentalist, Welsh piper, singer/songwriter, composer and poet. Veteran of many Celtic festivals and concerts, including Estes Park, Chicago, San Diego and Denver, he brings the subtly different flavor of traditional Welsh music to the stage. Along with friends like mandolin virtuoso Billy Parker and the classically trained mistress of the harp Mary Bouley, a Tramor show is an event not to be missed."

Hear John perform 'Of Dogs and Cats Mice and Men' here:- Of Dogs and Cats Mice and Men.mp3

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