Jan 17, 2010

Win Two Autographed Niall Griffiths Novels!

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Runt by Niall Griffiths WIN autographed copies of Niall Griffiths 'Stump' and 'Runt'. Answer the trivia questions on this page and email your responses. The winners will be selected and announced on February 17th. The first two randomly selected correct responses will recieve an autographed copy of both books. ENTER NOW! Stump by Niall Griffiths


  • In which English city was Niall Griffiths born?
  • How many novels has Niall Griffiths published?
  • In which Welsh seaside town does Niall Griffiths currently reside?

We're pretty sure that you'll agree these questions are not too tricky. Please email your answers to americymrucontest@gmail.com. The two lucky winners will be chosen by random selection on February 17th and prizes will be mailed shortly thereafter. This competition is open to both Americymru and non-Americymru members and there is no need to log into the site in order to participate. All email addresses will remain confidential and will be deleted after the prize draw on the 17th. Best of luck:)

Read our Interview with Niall Griffiths.

Images of Niall at the Left Coast Eisteddod 2009 . You can also enter 2010 Eisteddfod Competitions on this page.

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