Mar 12, 2010

Night of the Living Bards

Night of the Living Bards

Thursday Oct 7th 5 p.m till Midnight

The Left Coast Eisteddfod is a Welsh-American performing  arts festival in Portland, Oregon USA for 2010. In the many-centuries-old tradition of the eisteddfod in Wales, this includes an oral storytelling competition. In the Portland version, outrageous lies, artistic license and unbridled wild creation are very strongly encouraged and we cordially invite you to join us.

( 100 tickets are available from the 'Buy Ticket' links on this page. They are priced at $6 plus $1 dollar commission charged by EventBee. We are advising people to purchase early to avoid disappointment. )

The Venue




Bus Routes

There is free parking available in the Buffalo Gap parking lot and in the streets around. There is also an office parking lot opposite which is available for the use of patrons free of charge after 5 p.m.
If you are travelling by bus please take the number 35 and alight at SW Macadam & California.

Buy Tickets/Register to Compete

The 'Night of the Living Bards' will take place at the Buffalo Gap on Thurs October 7th between 5pm and Midnight. It will consist of a live narrative competition for which we will be looking to recruit 20 contestants. There will be no restrictions on narrative style or content although competitiors must tell a story of some kind. Each contestant will have 8 minutes at the mic and there will be a first prize of $250 and a second prize of $100. There will be no registration fee although all competitiors will be required to pay the standard $6 dollar admission fee. You need not be a member of Americymru to attend or compete. We may also include a movie and some musical entertainment on the program. Full program details will be announced shortly. The narrative competition will run between 6.30 and 10.30 ( approx ). The competition will be judged by authors Niall Griffiths and Chris Keil ( and others to be announced ). Highlights will be recorded for posterity and hosted on the Americymru website.

Penderyn Welsh Whisky  available at the bar!


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