May 10, 2010

“Park Life” The Best Bits 2010

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Jeff Jones is a former Welsh amateur footballer; a Boys Club’s of Wales international in 1979. The same year he scored a hat-trick in the final of that season’s Welsh Youth cup final. During a long and undistinguished football career in the game he played in every position on the pitch and has occupied every position off the field of play from club chairman to programme editor.

“Park Life” The Best Bits is a collection of the funniest articles from the RTB Ebbw Vale FC match programme edited by Jones, and despite the club being so far down the football pyramid they were almost on the Sphinx! Park Life proved an award winning match programme completing a hat-trick of Gwent County Programme of the year wins and was also voted best in its category (level 3 and below) 3 years running in the Welsh Football Magazine’s Programme of the year wards. Three times in it’s 6 year history the programme was named in the top 5 in Wales finishing 3rd Twice this in the overhaul category, beating programmes printed professionally by clubs playing at the highest levels of Welsh football.

Park Life ran from 2003-2009 though Jones continues to write humorous articles in the Welsh Football Magazine on a monthly basis. Ebbw Vale, made famous by politician Aneurin Bevan can also boast Oasis manager Marcus Russell as famous sons, as well as former world number one snooker player Mark Williams and rugby internationals such as Clive Burgess and Ian Watkins. Jones used his match programme to share numerous stories of his struggles with football teams at the lower end of the football pyramid though also used an array of fictional characters to air their views on professional football at a world level, so there is something of interest for any football fan amongst the pages of his book.

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“Park Life” The Best Bits Includes

Humpty Dumpty
Did he Dive or was he pushed?

Never one to sit on the fence we at “Park Life” asked some well respected footballing figures to help sort out this mystery from yesteryear and having received no replies from anyone made the following ones up!

Ron Atkinson

“Spotters badge Clive! For me it was handbags, the big fella should not have been anywhere near the wall, he should have been hanging around the back stick.

I’ll tell you another thing for me Clive. The big fella went down far too


Kevin Keegan

“I tell Ya...I, I When you say that about professional soldiers not being able to put him back together again. We’re bigger than that I..I..I’ve kept quiet for too long, but I tell Ya he’s gone down in my estimation!”

World Exclusive Interview Shep the Blue Peter Dog

I immediately became friends with Stan Bowles he passed me a ball and said “hello show us your pedigree chum! With you in the side we can Winalot!” Stan would bet on anything and one day he was playing “keepy uppies” and said “there's nothing I can’t do with a ball!” I replied “I bet you a tenner I’ve a trick you can’t do”

“You’re on mate” he cried. So I sat down and licked mine and said “you can’t do this!”

“In off the post!”

Letters Page


With all this talk about a credit crunch why don’t we all move to that place called jeopardy, because apparently there are

thousands of jobs in jeopardy!

Yours Bryn Picca


A man in the pub told me that England’s Theo Walcott is so young that he was not only awarded with a cap but also a satchel

after the recent Croatia game!

Yours Barry Island

Touché! Ed

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