Oct 29, 2010

Welsh Comedian Owen Money, New Biography 'Money Talks'

welsh comedian owen money bigraphy 'money talks' front cover detail
The long-awaited and much-anticipated autobiography of Welsh musician, comedian and radio and TV presenter Owen Money is here.

Owen has experienced success in many fields with a couple of Sony Gold awards for services to radio and an MBE to show for it. But the pavements weren’t always paved with gold and he speaks forthrightly about his climb up the slippery slope of success in the entertainment world.

Owen has candidly taken us on his life’s journey, recounting the highs and lows and revealing some long-held secrets. He speaks honestly about his health scare in 2006:

"I flew out to Thailand with a crowd of friends to stay at my villa, ready to relax and enjoy the sea and sunshine and other things I like that begin with ‘s’. I was thinking of salsa music. What were you thinking?

For the first week we were out there, I felt fine. Tired, but generally okay. Then one evening, it was St Patrick’s Day as it happens, although he didn’t personally turn up. After we’d enjoyed a great game of golf, we all went to a bar for a few drinks and although it usually didn’t worry me, I found myself finding the music playing in the background very loud. I also felt much hotter than usual. It gets very hot out there but I’m used to it, having holidayed in Thailand many times. That night, however, I really felt the heat draining my strength.

I had a drink or two, but then decided not to have any more alcohol, even though everyone else around me was knocking it back and having a great time. I explained to everyone that I didn’t feel too good and I was going back to my villa. I left the bar, made my way home alone and as soon as I arrived at the villa I went straight to bed, feeling really weird…"

Later, he speaks about infidelity and the effect it has had on his family. But despite the frank episodes of worry, hardship and disappointment, Money Talks is however a very good laugh, with stories and anecdotes given a comic twist in Owen’s indomitable style. Rob Brydon’s foreword sets the scene, praising the quality of Owen’s ‘joke’ and congratulating him on his “rise from rags to slightly bigger rags”.

Money Talks is the Welsh Book Council’s ‘Book of the Month’ for October 2010. The autobiography is published by Y Lolfa and is available from 1 October; the book was launched in Porthcawl on 15 October.

Owen is signing his autobiography at the following locations:

Saturday, 6 November - Waterstones Abergavenny 12.00-2.00pm

Friday, 12 November - Waterstones Carmarthen 1.00-2.00pm

Saturday, 13 November - WH Smith Cardiff 12.00-1.00pm

Friday, 19 November - WH Smith Neath 12.00-2.00pm

Saturday, 20 November - Waterstones Swansea 12.00-2.00pm

Friday, 26th November - Waterstones Aberystwyth 12.00-2.00pm

Saturday, 27th November - Browning Books, Blaenavon 12.00-2.00pm

Saturday, 4th December - WH Smith Newport 12.00-2.00pm

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