Apr 1, 2011

Little Known Welsh Customs

In the first of an occasional series on little known Welsh customs we would like to highlight the charming ritual performed in villages throughout Wales on St Pyr's Day.

From the Wikipedia:- "On the first day of April in villages around Wales it is the custom to throw one's oldest living male relative down a well in honour of St Pyr. St Pyr was the dissolute former abbot of Caldey Island who died after falling down a well as a result of extreme intoxication. Regarded in Wales as a national hero his 'Saints Day' is celebrated  annually at gatherings on village greens during which participants dance around the well with pints of real ale singing "Yo ho...ho ho ho. Throw the ole b*****d down the hole". The festivities reach a climax when the oldest male relative is shoved down the well where he is left overnight with a pail of ale which is lowered down after him."

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