Apr 2, 2011

Top Blogger March 2011 - We Have A Winner.....

From our social site AmeriCymru :-

A reminder from last month's winners post:- "As you may have noted from an earlier announcement we have transitioned to the weekly leaderboard for our monthly Top Blogger adjudication. Henceforth the winner will be decided on the basis of their ranking and points in the final weekly leaderboard of the month. Posts which were published in preceding months will be discounted. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly the weekly leaderboards are much more responsive and competitive and secondly the monthly board has some strange quirks. In particular it insists on ranking a few ancient posts that have received no 'Likes' comments or recent traffic."

So without further ado here are this months winners:-

1. Crap Wife  91 points ( 71 ranking points plus 10 for quantity and 10 for quality, Crap Wife has been our most prolific  and most amusing blogger this month. She has also recorded the single highest monthly score in Top Blogger to date. Congratulations/Llongyfarchion Crap Wife. View Crap wife's blog on AC here )

2. Rhianne Griffiths 32 points ( 20 ranking points plus 10 for 'traffic', Our stats indicate that Rhianne's posts this month generated a lot of interest View Rhianne's blog on AC here )

3. Byn ( Bynbrynman ) Tavarn Ty Elise 19 points ( 19 ranking points. View Byn's blog on AC here )

Fabulous digital prizes will be awarded to our three winners today and Crap Wife will receive a copy of Owen Sheers, 'White Ravens'. We will be announcing next months Top Blogger prize shortly. To view the current weekly leaderboard and peruse the rules of the competition go to this page

If you would like to congratulate our winners please feel free to do so in comments on this page

This Months Prize

'White Ravens' by Owen Sheers

  • "Two stories, two different times, but the thread of an ancient tale runs through the lives of twenty-first century farmer’s daughter Rhian and the mysterious Branwen…
    After being wounded in Italy, Matthew O’Connell is seeing out WWII in an obscure government department spreading rumours and myths to the enemy. But when he’s given the bizarre task of escorting a box containing six raven chicks from a remote hill farm to the Tower of London, he becomes part of a story over which he seems to have no control....."

  • http://www.serenbooks.com/book/white-ravens/9781854115034

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