May 2, 2011

New book launched! Sawing Fallen Logs For Ladybird Houses

Welsh writer Dave Lewis has just published his new book – Sawing Fallen Logs For Ladybird Houses, a collection of poetry split into five sections and accompanied by photographs on the authors web site. The collection contains the poem ‘Learning in Gaps’ which was highly commended in the New Writer competition judged by Helen Ivory

Praise for Sawing Fallen Logs:

"From the first eponymously titled poem, we realise that Dave Lewis's work possesses an energy and freshness that lifts his imagery and empathy way above the work of many less ambitious poets. The element of surprise in each poem, however short, is even more startling coming as it does from such uncluttered writing. Last lines are an example, while phrases such as ‘trees as tall as ships’, ‘a severe lack of hares’, ‘the brittle grass of misunderstanding...’ will surely enhance the readers' own perceptions of the world around them. This collection's structure too, works well under its five separate headings, and the diverse forms used in several poems adds visual variety. A wonderful read. Buy it!"

Sally Spedding

"Dave Lewis is a vital voice of the Valleys, in touch with both the streets and the natural world. His free-flowing verse makes him a Welsh son of the Beats."

Mike Jenkins

“Dave Lewis has done it again! A superb collection of ‘Zen-like’ poetry, not the usual pseudo-academic bullshit churned out by most of the arts council hangers-on but a cutting edge piece of art guaranteed to make us all sit up and take notice. A cyclic collection divided into five parts, each one able to stand alone yet each also flows easily into the next. We find ourselves transported from the beauty and fragility of nature past ex-lovers and exotic far off lands before finally returning home to the valleys and close family – a wonderful sense of time and place. The last poems highlight an obsession with his local environment where sparse verse expertly pin-point what surrounds, influences and controls us all. This is another book to savour, full of surprises, but more importantly, full of answers in an ever distracting modern world.”

Mark Davies 

“Dave Lewis is an accomplished photographer who moves easily between the beauty of an ecological landscape and the stark reality of urban decay.”

Andrew Davies The Gallowbirds

Dave is also competition organizer for the Welsh Poetry Competition, an international event based in Pontypridd. You can purchase a copy of his third title, plus his other work from his website, Amazon, Welsh Books Council and all good booksellers. For more information visit the following websites:

Dave Lewis website –
Welsh Poetry Competition –

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