Dec 8, 2012

Announcing The New AmeriCymru Google+ Community

We believe that this new community will be a great resource for our members and readers. We devote the vast majority of our time, effort and money to developing our existing community on Ning ( ) but this group too, will grow.

The group is linked to our official AmeriCymru G+ page which in turn is linked to this blog.

It should be remembered that anything posted here ( and we encourage Welsh businesses, writers and artists to join and post ) has the potential to go viral on the G+ network AND will be visible in search engines ( google, bing etc )

Material posted to Facebook is severely limited in terms of propagation by the new Edgerank algorithm. Indeed you are 'encouraged' to pay to make your posts visible on your friends walls with no guarantee that accompanying links will ever be followed. It must also be born in mind that posts on FB are invariably invisible to search. SO...we have low impact short shelf life content. Only a handful of your most active contacts get to see your content in the short run and in the long run it simply disappears because it is not indexed by the major search engines.

We will continue to maintain our presence on FB but we sincerely hope that the new Communities feature on G+ will be a game changer or at the very least help to keep the competition on its toes :)

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