May 25, 2008

Hendy Productions: The Cure for Hiraeth

Visit Hendy Productions website HERE.

One of the curses of living in the Welsh diaspora is "hiraeth". Roughly translated as longing, yearning or homesickness, it is an affliction from which any Welshman living abroad for an extended period of time will have suffered. Fortunately the good folks at Hendy Productions have a cure. The website features a superb video of Wales ( a second is currently in preparation ) which is, in the words of Gareth Jenkins, "Inspirational".

Of course you don't need to be suffering from the symptoms of hiraeth to enjoy these videos. Anyone planning a vacation in Wales might use them to help plan their trip. Wales has so much to offer and it can be difficult to prioritize attractions and destinations. These videos are also ideal for anyone who just wants to experience the scenic splendour of North and West Wales and the architectural magnificence of Cardiff, without leaving their armchair.

Here is an excerpt from "The Land of Your Fathers" currently available from Hendy Productions:-

We include an excerpt from a forthcoming project entitled "Ynys Llanddwyn Island" below:-

"Ynys Llanddwyn on the south western corner of Anglesey, N. Wales. The island of the patron saint of Welsh lovers - Dwynwen. It guards the entrance to the Menai Straits and overlooks the beautiful Llyn peninsula.

Reputedly Dwynwen lived in the 5th century AD , a daughter of a Welsh prince. She fell in love with a young man, but had to reject him because of her father's preference for another suitor. She prayed that she be given a potion to deliver her from this amorous dilemma. The potion however turned her lover into ice. As was normal in such circumstances those days, she retreated to Llanddwyn Island to follow the life of a hermit. Llanddwyn means the "Church of Saint Dwynwen."

St Dwynwen's feast day is on January 25th.

A selection of photographs entitled Grand Slam can be viewed below. The photographs are available for purchase as prints by contacting Hendy Productions at their website.

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