May 20, 2008

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Americymru would like to acknowledge receipt of the following email from Janice Gattis of the Alabama Welsh Association and salute her efforts to restore the Madoc Plaque to its rightful place in Mobile Bay. It appears that the campaign will take a new form from now on. Since the Alabama Senate is incapable of addressing and resolving a simple issue like this there is little point in wasting further time on them. It now appears that funds will be raised to commission a new plaque to be displayed at a new location. Details of this campaign will shortly be made public. Meanwhile you can donate via paypal using the button above and in the navigation column to the right of this post. We hope all our readers will consider giving a donation to support this vital cause. If you prefer to mail your donation the address of the Alabama Welsh Association can be found at the bottom of this post. The text of the email is reproduced in its entirety below:-

Dear Alabama Welsh Members
Friends of AWA
Supporters of the Restoration of the Prince Madoc plaque
Welsh Parliament & Assembly Members
BBC News
North Wales Pioneer News

Re: Restoration of the Prince Madoc plaque to Mobile Bay

I thank all A.W.A. members and supporters of Prince Madoc Plaque
restoration, who rallied around magnificently and carried out a sustained
effort to ensure every single legislator in the Alabama Legislature learned
about Prince Madoc plaque resolution. (HJR#679)

However, we were failed by the Alabama Senate. I listened to some of the
Senate legislature session yesterday. They spent the entire session
bickering, and scoring political points instead of doing the job we pay them
to do. An entire legislative session wasted instead of dealing with the
legislative issues that were before them.

Needless to say, they did not bring the Prince Madoc Resolution to the
table, therefore, it was never voted on. The Legislative session for this
year ended yesterday so this means we have to wait until January 2009, and
we'll have to start over with the House of Representatives.

We will continue to collect signatures on the petition, so please keep
promoting it. We've decided to start a Prince Madog "Fund" which will be
used for a NEW memorial for Prince Madog ap Owain Gwynedd. What kind will
be determined by the funds we're able to collect. Where will it be
displayed is still in the works.

Thank each of you for all your support and we kindly ask for your help to
continue until we reach our goal. Our goal is to properly honor Prince
Madog as was the wish of the 1953 Virginia Cavalier Chapter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution, and Zella Armstrong of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a
historian, writer, and archaeologist.

Cymru am byth!

Janice Price Gattis
President - Alabama Welsh Association

For those of you who are Alabamians, please call, email, or write your
senator. Tell them how you feel about their dismal failure to achieve
anything this year. How you feel about their poor representation of you on
the national political field. How you feel about them confirming everyone's
prejudices about our great state. Tell them you will remember that all they
achieved in 2007 was to vote themselves a huge pay raise.

Above all, let them know that in 2010 you will remember their failures of
the past two years and that voluntary failure is not acceptable and will not
be tolerated.

Find your senator HERE

Mailing address for donations:-

Prince Madog Memorial Fund

c/o Alabama Welsh Assoc.

327 Mountain Lake Circle

Rainbow City, AL 35906

Make Payable to: Alabama Welsh Assoc.

(please note on the check, For: Madoc Fund)

Alabama Welsh Association site HERE
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