Oct 28, 2008

An Interview With Bruce Anderson

Award-Winning Tenor Bruce Anderson Releases "Sorrento," November 1st

Bruce Anderson celebrates the release of his third album, "Sorrento," Saturday night ( Nov 1st at 7 p.m. ) at the Porthcawl Grand Pavilion Theatre, near his hometown of Bridgend in South Wales. "Sorrento" has twelve tracks, including a cover of Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father," which Anderson dedicated to his own father, who passed away five years ago, and a live version of "Sammy's Lullaby," which Anderson wrote for his young son, Samuel.

"Sorrento" is his third album, following "La Musica" and "Mama." Mr. Anderson's music career has stretched over two and a half decades, spanned genres from heavy metal to opera, gained him wide acclaim and many dedicated fans. He's performed on stage with soprano Holly Holyoake and his own rock band, to name just two of his very diverse collaborators. He's twice won the Welsh Vocalist of the Year award and performed before an audience of approximately 100,000 at the 2002 Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, one of the largest outdoor arts festivals in the world.

Where was "Sorrento" recorded and who worked with you on it?

"I recorded the album at Sonic-One Executive Studios near LLanelli, with the excellent producer Tim Hamill, who has worked with the likes of George Michael."

How long has it taken to create the album and how does it feel to be on the eve of releasing it?

"It's taken a year to get the orchestral arrangements ready but, unbelievably, it took just two hours and twenty minutes to put my vocals on. It went very well. I'm looking forward to the release of this album. There's no weak tracks and it's my best yet."

Do you write your own songs and how would you describe your creative process as a songwriter?

"I do write my own songs but on this album there's only co-writing on 'World In Union/Cymru' and "Sammy's Lullaby.' When I'm writing, it normally happens very quickly. I think the best way for lyrics is to write done from the heart, exactly what you're feeling at that moment."

How did you come to singing, what inspired you?

"I started singing professionally at the age of 18. My Mum was in the West End [the center for live British theater] so it came naturally to pick up a mic from an early age. I remember being more nervous singing in front of my mum than the hundreds of people in the audience! My idols were Tommy K├Ârberg, Richard Marx, Mario Lanza and an Australian singer called John Farnham. I also loved Def Leppard, they really got me into harmonies and melodies."

Is there any particular live performance in your career that stands out to you? Any one that had particular significance or meaning and satisfaction for you?

"Performing at Glastonbury was amazing: to 100,000 people, just a sea of heads. Coldplay were also performing. It was a very memorable experience. I also performed on the Michael Barrymore show, which opened a lot of doors for me."

You've switched genres or styles in your career and were previously a rock vocalist - how did that decision come about? What about your current style appealed to you?

"I like trying new things and experimenting with music. On the new album there's a track called 'Fleur Du Mal,' which blends classical and rock. It's quite an epic, which I'm very proud of. The classical stuff came full circle as that's how I started. Who knows what's next?"

Is there any place you'd really like to perform that you haven't? Any particular occasion?

"The National Anthem. The Six Nations, Wales versus England at the Millenium Stadium. I would have to get past the wonderful Katherine Jenkins for that honour, though. My great friend and colleague, Holly Holyoake also had the honour of this, you can check her out on youtube doing so."

What awards have you won?

"I've won many awards. Welsh vocalist of the year twice and all three of my Albums have been Album Of The Week on BBC Radio Wales, Chris Needs' Show. 'Sorrento' was Album Of The Week on 20th October and Katherine Jenkins is next week."

You've collaborated with other vocalists, who inspires you?

"I've had the pleasure of working with many talented people but at the moment I would have to say Holly Holyoake. She has bounced back from a serious back operation with great class and commitment to get back to the level she was last year. A true inspiration with an incredible talent."

You can hear sample tracks from 'Sorrento' and purchase this and Bruce's other albums on his website.

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