May 4, 2009

An Interview With Wayne Yendle

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Read Wayne Yendle's article 'A Little About Ieuan'

Americymru: Care to tell us a little about how the IeuanTheLion Memorial Fund came to be set up?
Wayne: During Ieuan's latter months we vowed that no other family would suffer the uncertainty of not being able to treat a condition because of no diagnosis and agreed that when the results came from the post-mortem we would dedicate our lives to raising funds in Ieuan's name for the condition that had robbed him of his life. However that was not to be there were still no answers. We have therefore set up the fund to help those who helped Ieuan when the doctors couldn't. To them we shall be eternally grateful .We have named the fund Ieuan the Lion purely due to Ieuan's love of lions and to represent the amazing, unmeasurable amount of courage that he showed. He had the strength and heart of a LION.

Americymru: . What are the five charities that you will be supporting?
Wayne: LATCH ( is a voluntary organisation set up to support the special requirements of the children's oncology centre in Wales which is based at the Children's Hospital for Wales to help affected families and promote research in childhood cancer)

TY-HAFAN CHILDREN'S HOSPICE (provides respite care for sick and terminally ill children and end of life care)
HCPT GROUP (takes 10 disabled children each year for a Pilgrimage holiday to Lourdes in France each Easter for a weeks respite),

CHRISTIAN LEWIS Trust (Are probably best known for their Holiday Programme which ranges from luxury static caravans on specially chosen sites situated on the coast in Wales, where the family can get away from the pressures of hospital and treatment, to resort holidays in both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Paris where the Trust has partners able to provide a unique programme of supervised and special facilities. The aim is to provide memories intended to last for a lifetime).

GREAT ORMOND STREET (is where a lot of our sick children from South Wales go for specialised treatment).

Americymru: How did these charities help you during your sons illness?

Wayne: During Ieuan's illness all the charities that we are supporting helped and supported Ieuan by allowing him to experience many happy and enjoyable times in his short life.

Latch - provided holidays,Christmas Parties, trips to London to Houses of Parliament to have tea with the Speaker of the House, Visit Prince Charles to dress the Christmas Tree at Clarence House, and on January 29th 2007 in his last year with us, he braved a very long trip to London yet again, escorted by Welsh Guards to plant a tree in Speakers Corner at the Houses of Parliament and managed to put the first shovel of earth to plant that tree, these and many more trips would not have been possible without Latch. They also supported Ieuan's family providing travelling expenses on trips to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

HCPT Group - gave Ieuan the chance to experience this wonderful trip to Lourdes three times in his short life, which was a wonderful experience for Ieuan, a chance to get away without his parents knowing he was taken care of by these wonderful people, as this is all voluntary but these carers, he made wonderful friends.

Christian Lewis - provided a lovely holiday in August 2006 to Porth Madoc in North Wales, it was the last holiday that Ieuan spent with his mam and dad, and it was made possible by this charity.

Great Ormond Street Hospital - Cared for Ieuan during his illness for specialised treatment that could not be offered to him in South Wales.

Ty Hafan Children's Hospice - Can only be described as a wonderful peaceful, happy place where living Angels are who care for these very special children in times of need. Ieuan was cared for by these wonderful Angels, and made his last two months and two days on this earth possible, he was bathed everyday, dressed as if he was up running around, even though he was asleep, they looked after and cared for his family, and everything was possible at Ty-Hafan, in one way or another there was no such word as NO, to these Angels and all the other charities we will be eternally grateful.

Americymru: How supportive have people been so far? Anyone in particular you want to give a mention to?
Wayne: We have been overwhelmed with the response shown particularly in our local community, during a recent fundraising event we were inundated with raffle prizes donated by local businesses and shops in the Town Centre. We have also received two anonymous donations both by elderly neighbours, one being £2500.
It is especially heart warming when these people did not even know Ieuan and have chosen to help us. The biggest appeal seems to be the fact that by making a donation they are supporting five charities and helping the children of South Wales.
Americymru: What events have been organised so far as a part of your fund drive?

Wayne: An Evening of Music and Song was held on 7th March, 2009 which included live entertainment from Ieuan's cousin Robert Fletcher who named his band for that evening "The Lion Kings, Ieuan's Cousins Scarlet and friend Corissa sang, Ben Hurley a local male singer and Holly Holyoake both came and supported the show with their wonderful singer talent. A lot of money was raised on this evening with the entrance fee and Grand Draw totalling nearly £4200.00, it was a fantastic event which will be held annually around Ieuan's Birthday Memorial each year. There was also a Christmas Carol Evening at two local churches that Ieuan attended and was an alter server at the one, raising nearly £400 and also family and friend did trick or treating on Halloween raising £26.43 two of the children involved in this were Ieuan's Cousins who were only 2 and 5 years old.

Americymru: What future activities are planned?
Wayne: We are currently in contact with Chris Needs and we are hoping to arrange an evening of entertainment in Newport. We have a Halloween themed evening for our local youngsters arranged for October. We are in the process of arranging a Sponsored walk but are undecided at the moment as to the venue. A lot depends on the length of the walk and whether we would encourage children to participate. Coffee mornings, Car boot sales, Garden sales. Sponsored Rugby Match, Soccer match, Live event featuring local Rock Bands, Bi-cycle rides.

Americymru: A friend of yours, Michaela Cuddy, is running the London Marathon in support of the fund. Care to tell us a bit more about that?
Wayne: Michaela is very dear friend of the family, she went to UWIC University with Ieuan's older brother Louis. She felt that she needed to do fund raising and Ieuan was her drive to enter the London Marathon. The London Marathon is an annual event which is 26miles around the streets of the City of London our Capital of Great Britain. She has raised over £3000, and she took 4 and half hours to complete the Marathon and this is a wonderful achievement for someone who has never run a marathon before, we are sure Ieuan was by her side.

Americymru: How can Americymru members help? If people want to raise funds to assist you, what could they do?
Wayne: You can help us just by being there and simply reading all about Ieuan, helping us to keep his name ALIVE.

As previously mentioned our main aim is to raise awareness of these five charities and in doing so raise funds to help the children of South Wales.

It is extremely expensive to run these organisations but what a difference it makes to these sick and terminally ill children and the help it provides to the families who love and care for these children:-

TY HAFAN - Requires £2 and a half million annual income to operate.

HCPT GROUP - Requires £1000 for each sick child they take to Lourdes.

LATCH - Helps to make dreams come true for the children, whether it be a day trip to a theme park or trip to Florida so their outgoings are impossible to itemise. They also provide Social Workers to help and support the child and their family in these very stressful times of illness.

LEWIS - Requires £800plus to offer a holiday for the child and immediate family.

GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL - - Once again is impossible to state any figures as it would simply be millions.
We would appreciate it if you could make a donation no matter how small, every penny really does count. Maybe arrange a sponsored event, whatever it is we would love to hear about it and will add you as a sponsor on Ieuan's site.

You can support Ieuan The Lion in many ways, from making a donation to hosting a charity event, from corporate sponsorship to a cake sale at your local school – all donations no matter how small will go directly to children who need your help.
Here are just a few ideas:-

Donations you can donate securely through this website, using your credit or debit card or your PayPal account,or if preferred cheques may be made payable to Ieuan The Lion Memorial Fund and sent to :-
42, Milman Street, Newport, South Wales NP20 2HR.

Activity challenges are a great way of involving friends and workmates in a worthwhile cause: Sponsored,cycling marathons,walks, organised abseiling, dragon boat racing…the list is endless. And of course we’ll help you promote your fund raising event through our website.

Corporate sponsorship. Companies can gain valuable branding and profile benefits through sponsorship of Ieuan The Lion's Fund, while at the same time ensuring that they are supporting a fantastic cause. For more information about what your company can do, contact us by email at or by phone on 01633676286 ( Editors Note:- From the US call - 011441633676286 )

Non uniform day. Schools can help by allowing students to make a donation to attend school in their own clothes The list is endless Trivia Quizzes, Fancy Dress day at work, Guess the baby competition, Concerts, Fashion shows, Car boot sales, Sponsored silence you choose.And of course well help you promote your fund raising event through our website.

Americymru: Any final message for the members and readers of Americymru?
Wayne: We are grateful to you all for showing an interest and would appreciate it if you could only manage to read about Ieuan's life and the wonderful work these charities do.

Obviously our aim is to raise funds and awareness to repay these wonderful people who helped us when the medical profession could'nt and by doing this we are keeping Ieuan's name alive


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