May 2, 2009

The Latest From Cymuned - Supporters Email

( This is not an official press release but rather the personal observations of a Cymuned supporter )

As I mentioned in the last email, I am in Lannuon, Breizh (Britanny) this week, though it's not the sea breeze in my hair, but a whole lot of rain. It feels quite homely!

To keep the Breton theme going for a bit, I noticed an article in the local paper saying that the Breton Democratic Union hac written to the French Football Federation asking for them to play "Bro Gozh ma Zadou", (Land of my fathers), the Breton anthem, before the French Cup Final to be held in Paris next week. The game is between Rennes and Guingamp, two Breton teams. Considering the attitude of the French authorities towards the linguistic minorities within France, it will be interesting to see the Federations answer to this particular request.

Anyway, back in Wales, we held our AGM last Saturday. After a few difficult years, both financially and in terms of the perception of our direction, we heard some very positive reports regarding our future. Because of the restructuring that has happened over the last two years, the movement is now in a firm position, with the ability to fund our main campaigns from now on. For instance we have an idea or two for the promotion of that will certainly draw attention - but I shall give no details just now, because we are discussing with others first!

On a less happy note, Dewi, our treasurer, is giving up the position for personal reasons. One of the attributes of a good treasurer is the ability to carry out his work without others noticing, so with everything in its place, the tax man etc happy, we will wish Dewi all the best, and thank him for his conscientious work throughout the last year.

We have received a very positive response to the first issue of Ein Gwlad, with copies sent to all our monthly members, and to those who've ordered copies. We'd like to hear your views on the new magazine, so that we can improve it and adjust it to reflect your interests and taste, so contact us with your ideas and comments. if you haven't yet received a copy, we have ordered a few more copies than we needed, and will sell them on a first come first served basis.

We will have a double stand this year again at the Eisteddfod, and will be promoting the new movement "People's Council for North Wales", which has been founded in order to fight the official and public plans to subsume the North-East of Wales into a greater Merseyside. Although this isnt a 'Fro Gymraeg' matter at the moment, the plans talk of Conwy being a part of their 'North East Wales' plans, and various other phrases give the impression that the new economic area will expand westwards. More about this in future emails.

And finally, Seirian and her partner, who are members here in the South, have started to sell Owain Glyndwr Rygbi shirts on Ebay. If the shirt is a success, they hope to produce more items that pay homage to Wales's history. You can see the shirts at:-

Owain Glyndwr Rygbi shirts on Ebay

Best of luck to them in their enterprise.

Until next time

Iestyn * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dewi Sant told us to "Do the little things."

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Are you a dreamer or a doer?

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Cofion cynnes/Warm regards,

Pwyllgor Gwaith Cymuned
(the Cymuned Executive Committee)

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