Jun 3, 2009

A book to test how much you really know about Welsh Sport

When it comes to sport, being a small country, Wales has managed to punch above its own weight over the years. Be it in rugby, athletics, football, boxing, snooker and even rugby league Wales has produced its fair share of heroes. A new book published this week will test how sport loving and how knowledgeable the Welsh public really are. So You Think You Know Welsh Sport? includes questions an all kinds of sports. The book has 50 rounds of 10 questions with the questions getting harder as you get along.

It is safe to say that the author Matthew Jones, a 29 year old chemist from Cardiff is a Welsh sports anorak. He spends his weekends travelling the length and breadth of Wales visiting sporting events and he has already published a quiz book on Welsh rugby. It was due to the success and the enthusiastic feedback to So You think You Know Welsh Rugby? that Y Lolfa decided to commission the new book. Matthew Jones said about his new book,

“If you struggle to only get a couple correct then your knowledge is probably equivalent to a drunk dart player however if you manage to get ten out of ten then you are the trivia king of Welsh sport!”

The book includes questions like:

Which Middle East country appointed Terry Yorath as their manager in 1995?

Who recorded Glamorgan’s best ever bowling figures of 7-16 in a one day contest, against Surrey in 1988?

In 1990, whose 27 year Welsh 100 meters record did Colin Jackson break?

Which future rugby union international scrum half was Welsh schools champion in the high jump in 1969 and 1970?

So You Think You Know Welsh Sport? is published by Y Lolfa and will be available in bookshops and on www.ylolfa.com, from Saturday the 8th of June for £3.95.

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