Jun 3, 2009

The Latest From Cymuned - Supporters Email

( This is not an official press release but rather the personal observations of a Cymuned supporter )

Between Eisteddfod preparations, we are currently working hard on a second edition of the Cymuned magazine, following a very good reception to the first edition last month. Those of you who are not members are able to subscribe or buy individual copies at www.eingwlad.com. If you have articles, letters or any other material that you think may be of interest to our readership, then by all means drop us a line.

Thanks to Omer for telling us about a strange contribution made at one of the All Wales Convention meetings recently. A gentleman apparently explained to the people there that as they had been born in Wales, they were all English anyway. Those attending the meeting seemed to disagree, and the Man with the Strange Ideas left shaking his head and sighing "Oh, what's the point"... It is unbelievable that such an attitude still exists in Britain, (let alone Wales) but it does show how easy it must be for some to move to the country knowing nothing about our Welshness, or even that it exists.

Thank you also to Siams who drew our attention to an article in the Sunday Times in which Daisy Waugh trundles out the tired old clich├ęs as she talks of a property in Wales, and asks, ""What's actually wrong with (Wales)? Apart from the unpronounceable road signs, ... the rainfall ...and the slightly irritating devotion to a language only kept alive by government edict and European subsidies ... it's just the same as anywhere else in Britain, isn't it?"

But wait, before we complain too much about a columnist who's just trying to get a reaction, consider this: "There's not much we're allowed to snigger at in polite company ... yet somehow fat people and the whole of Wales slipped through the sensitivity net." Ms Waugh does indeed hit on a puzzling truth here, while doing her best to continue the tradition!

Lastly, Arfon Jones, a councilor in Wrexham, has asked us to publicise a petition on the Assembly's website to class MPs as public bodies under the Welsh Language Act 1993, following the refusal of Ian Lucas MP to use Welsh in his annual report. Follow this link, though you will have to register or sign in with the assembly system.


Until next month!

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