Jul 8, 2009

"The Jenkins's's's's's" at The Left Coast Eisteddfod

In addition to head lining Saturday nights show at the Left Coast Eisteddfod, Chris Needs will also be introducing the premier US screening of his animated film "The Jenkins's's's's'" on Saturday afternoon during a short presentation on the forthcoming Americymru International Film Festival. "The Jenkins's's's's" won the Best Animation/CGI award at this years Swansea Bay Film Festival. For a short review of the book - "The Jenkins's's's's" see below.



The revealing autobiography, Like It Is, published in 2007 by Y Lolfa told of Chris’s traumatic childhood, his showbiz and charity career as an accomplished pianist and vocalist, and his life more recently as an all-round celebrity.

However, this book is a completely different kettle of fish. In her riotous, humour-filled diaries, Gladys tells of her struggle to keep the family’s crazy, mixed-up lives together. Mam’s task isn’t easy though. Her husband Dai is work-shy, son Philllip has a handbag, daughter Shantell is preggers and dog Christopher – or is it Christine? – has had puppies. Just as well Elsie next door is accommodating – she agreed to an adjoining door so they only pay one TV licence.

Follow the family from their humble beginnings in the valley community of Ponty Pantin to the sun-kissed Mumbles Bay and foreign parts (including Western Super Mare). Crammed full of outrageous valleys humour, this is an ideal Christmas treat for all of Chris’s fans – and anyone else who needs a good laugh. The book is illustrated with eye-catching colour cartoons by Mark Davies.

Chris Needs is a much loved radio presenter with a high profile thanks to his popular weeknight music and chat show on BBC Radio Wales. His cult fan club ‘The Garden’ has over 40,000 members worldwide.


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