Feb 19, 2009

10 Questions with Amy Wadge

Amy Wadge is a folk and country singer who originally came from Bristol, just over the Welsh border, but who has now crossed over and been adopted by her now-native Wales. She is one of the most popular singer-songwriters in Wales, and has won great critical acclaim as well as a number of awards and has supported music legends such as Van Morrison, Damien Rice, and Jeff Beck.

Amy Wadge - A Design for Life (Live)

Amy has recently been selected to perform at the prestigious SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas in March, 2009.

Q1 – What part of Wales do you live in?

I live in Church Village in Pontypridd

Q2 – When did you cross the border to Wales and why?

I moved here 15 years ago to study acting at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and then met my husband and never went back - I love it here!!

Q3 – How would you describe your music?

Alternative country is the most accurate description but there are folk influences too with a bit of rock thrown in for good measure.

Q4 – You have recently been selected to showcase at the legendary South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, do you have any other overseas gigs planed in the near future?

I'm hoping to build up something in America as I'd love to tour there - I have a one year old so touring abroad is a little bit harder these days - but I can always bring her with me!!!

Amy Wadge - Freefall (Live)

Q5 – You toured Australia as a Welsh Assembly Government Cultural Ambassador during the 2003, Rugby World Cup. Did that result in any interesting or odd stories to tell?

I had a blast there. I did some pretty bizarre gigs though - including one in the middle of a seal pool - (literally on a rock) for the president of new south wales. It was a brilliant trip though and I'll never forget the Wales / New Zealand game it was amazing Wales played out of their skins and we drank til 5 in the morning and then had to fly home.

Q6 – So far where has been you favorite place to perform?

I did play the Albert Hall with Jeff Beck for two nights and that was pretty amazing - but honestly you can't beat gigs at home - when I play Cardiff it's always really special.

Q7 – What is your favorite haunt in Wales?

I spent a lot of time in Moelfre on Anglesey recording an album and it is still the most beautiful place on earth to me - absolute paradise!

Q8 – What are your dreams and ambitions for the future?

I just want to carry on making my living with music - I am lucky that I get to do this everyday and I hope I always will.

Q9 –What do you think is the best way for Wales to go about raising its profile overseas?

Just to be true to itself. There is so much talent here that goes un-noticed - Wales needs to have a bit of confidence hopefully the likes of Duffy will pave the way for more people to get noticed.

Q10 - Do you have any messages for our AmeriCymru readers?

Really hope to see some of you in the future at gigs - and if you are at South by southwest please come and say hello.

For more information about Amy please visit her website at: www.amywadge.com or her MySpace site at: www.myspace.com/amywadge

What the papers have to say:

'Pint sized poetess with valley quaking voice. Her songs have a raw vibrancy that suit her earthy voice and emotionally mature lyrics' - Q magazine

'The new Joni Mitchell, with her distinctive voice and well-crafted songs' – The London Evening Standard

'The Voice of her generation - a star is born' - Ouest-France

By David L. Parry

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