Apr 26, 2011

'DGJ in the USA' - Will He Make It To L.A.?

dgj in the usa graphic, the official campaign to bring david garland jones to la for the west coast eisteddfod
YouTube Guru and
cultural ambassador
for Wales

   The Countdown Is On: 92 Days To Go   

On Friday May 6th 2011 David Garland Jones officially announced details of the campaign to fund his appearance at this years West Coast Eisteddfod in L.A.. Full details appear on this page. This appearance will mark the latest milestone in his meteoric rise from total anonymity to relative obscurity. We KNOW that you will want to support this effort and play a role in changing the course of Welsh movie history. Here is the link once again:- DGJ in the USA!!

    Other ways To Support The Campaign   

Help spread the word and follow the campaign:-

Please check back for updates and tell your friends.

The story so far: David's latest project is a trip to L.A. where he has been invited to play the 'starring' role at this year's West Coast Eisteddfod. There are , however, some conditions attached. Please watch the AmeriCymru4 video above for the latest update. Watch all four If you haven't followed the story to date.

What will David do at the Eisteddfod?

David Garland Jones will be an important cultural ambassador for Wales.

  • He will be modeling various ensembles in the Welsh ( Male ) National Costume Competition at the Oberon's Henry Morgan Welsh Pirate Bar.
  • He will also be present at our Tom Jones karaoke and 'live' panty throwing event.
  • He will present a performance of his fabled mime adaptation of Dylan Thomas' 'Under Milk Wood' .
  • He will also present a US premiere of his new movie 'Rob Brydon's Racing Snail' at our film festival on Sunday. After the screening David will host a Q&A session about the film and his amazing career.

West Coast Eisteddfod Schedule:-   Friday Saturday Sunday

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