Apr 25, 2011

Tom Jones Karaoke With 'Live' Panty Throwing At Oberon's Welsh Pirate Bar

AmeriCymru and A Raven Above Press are pleased and proud to announce that Oberon's Three Penny Tavern will be providing alcoholic refreshment at the third West Coast Eisteddfod in September. The West Eisteddfod will take place at the Barnsdall Park Art Center between Friday September 23rd and Sunday September 25th. A wide selection of beers and wines will be on offer at the 'Henry Morgan Welsh Pirate Bar' and organizers hope to organize a full program of pub style entertainment including:-

1. An AmeriCymru drinking team 5 a side 'Boat Race' challenge.

2. A 'Welsh ( Male ) National Costume Competition'. It is hoped that this event will feature an appearance by guru, raconteur, actor, poet and international fashion model David Garland Jones. Participation by members of the general public and Eisteddfod attendees is welcome.

AND 3. Tom Jones karaoke with 'live' panty throwing. Panties will be provided by the Esiteddfod organizers and will be made available to bar patrons at no charge!

Follow our announcements for further details of these and other sophisticated cultural activities at the Welsh Pirate Bar on AmeriCymru or on the AmeriCymru Blog. WCE Schedule:- Friday Saturday Sunday

Oberon’s Three-Penny Tavern is the accumulated effort of one of Jordan Mackay’s longest-running dreams – to run a Shakespearean tavern in Ashland, Oregon! So if you enjoy the thought of armored bouncers, juggling musicians, great plays, fantastic beers and beautiful serving wenches, come belly up to the bar and enjoy a night at Oberon’s!

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